Halo Reddit Banned Due To Angry Players And Threats


Image: 343 Industry / Xbox

Once again, angry gamers get angry, scream and become the worst of them all. This time it happens on Reddit. In particular, the main Halo subreddit, r / Halo, which was blocked until Monday due to how vicious and toxic most of the posts and comments recently followed Halo infinitewith launch last month.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launched on November 15… It was a nice surprise, a lot of people went online and started playing and what they found turned out to be pretty good. However, if you switched to r / Halo last week or so, it might seem like 343 has released the worst video game ever made, which also gives you cancer if you touch it, judging by how some players shouted about it 24/7. and all its big and small problems and shortcomings.

And as you would expect, since this was the Internet, parties started to form and people who liked the game also started attacking and screaming 24/7 trying … well, there really is no point in getting mad at posts on Reddit, but many of Almost a million Reddit users who are part of r / Halo have been embroiled in a futile war of words, raining insults at each other and the developers behind them. Endless… People started sending threats, calling names and trying to prove to people with whom they disagreed or disliked. It got so bad that last night of the r / Halo mod made the decision to block the entire subreddit until Monday

“It went on for a long time on all sides and got out of hand,” posted last night r / Halo mod 343-Guilty-Spark

“The level of toxicity on the submarine on both sides does not allow people to conduct civil discussions, which the development team strives for regardless of opinion. Some submarine users are even responsible for doxing and death threats. We are temporarily blocking the sub so people can calm down a bit and we can press the reset button before launching. After all, this is a video game, and this level of sarcasm is unwarranted. “

Let’s focus on this last point for a second. All this anger, threats, stupid war of words and doxing ended up being free to play. video game… Pretty funny too.


Image: 343 Industry / Xbox

Since launch, I have spent tons of hours on Endless online modes and I, like many other players, as far as I can tell, had a great time. Of course there are problems. Battle Pass Lousy, the way to unlock iseven after some welcome tweaks recently – may seem boring, and I would like to some more playlists with more silly modes like the infected or the Griffinball. But there is a difference between disliking or criticizing something and harassing, attacking, or yelling at anyone and everyone who is unlucky enough to read your rants or threats.

Before the subreddit was blocked, 343 Community Director Brian Jarrad posted a lengthy answer to all the angry messages, demands, and threats that flooded r / Halo at the time.

“First, I’m going to re-emphasize that I 100% understand and generally agree with the disappointment that most express, even if I disagree with the attacks and the ways some choose to express those feelings,” Jarrad explained.

“You can call me a shill, a liar, a corporate party, etc., whatever you want, but I have never lied to this community and will never lie. And I’m not saying that I am a “victim” anyway – this is another story that some people here have decided to apply. My job is to come here, listen, frankly hold my chin in my hands and, although personally I am very repulsed by the way many express themselves, still make sure that we protect the players within the company. We do it, whether it is positive or negative, and we will always do it. “

In accordance with Jarrad, there will be new changes in progress, playlists, combat mode and more. He also acknowledged that some large and highly requested changes and features might take longer than some would like, but he asked for patience as the 343 team continues to work hard. He also reminded people that Halo infinite will exist for a long time, and the studio will spend the next months and years updating, tweaking and improving the game.

“Everyone has the right to their opinion. To play or not to play is your prerogative. I’d rather people were so carried away that they yelled at us than no one gave a damn, ”Jarrad said. “But I’m just asking people, please take a breath and understand that there are people behind this who have invested years of their lives just trying to get the best experience they can, and take your time to judge or assume that this is yours. there is. everything was found out. “

Shortly after this post, the subreddit was blocked by mods. Kotaku reached out to the mods behind r / Halo about the lockdown, whether it could last longer than the weekend, and what happens when the subreddit is (eventually) reopened.

As for the wicked Halo players are upset because of Halo Infinite’s various legal flaws and problems, I would recommend maybe step back, play a game that you enjoy, and realize that none of this is healthy or productive. Remember, you don’t have to play the game you hate. I promise

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