Halo Infinite’s big team battles annoy players

The Spartan gazes thoughtfully into the distance in the big team battle in Halo Infinite.

Screenshot: 343 industries

Halo InfiniteThe big team battle mode has a big team problem and it is not proverbially broken functionality. EndlessThe playerbase, perhaps for the first time since launch, is keeping up with something: Developer 343 Industries should stop issuing BTB-specific challenges for now, players say, at least until the mode is fixed.

Mostly, Halo Infinitewhich appeared on Xbox and PC In Novemberwas a robustly functioning multiplayer first person shooter. But big team battle mode, in which two teams of 12 people fight each other on large-scale maps, has gone broke since the end of last year. Some players are eliminated from matches or receive inappropriate team sizes. Others cannot get into matches at all and will time out when trying to load into one. Momentarily, 343 Industries reduced the team size to 10 players per side as a potential solution, but that didn’t seem to work. (He is currently back at 12 … when he works.)

All this confusion is understandable; every online game starts with kinksand fixing these kinks takes time. Anyway, player frustration increases by the fact that weekly BTB-themed challenges appear frequently, even though the mode itself remains rather dysfunctional.

Progress in Halo Infinite, as in games based on a similar free-to-play model, is controlled by XP-Based Battle Pass… Every week, you get 20 weekly challenges, ranging from low-effort attrition efforts (“kill 50 enemies in PvP”) to direct challenges. impossible feats of heroism (“Kill one enemy with the Ravager.”) Some challenges simply ask you to finish matches in a specific mode, but if you can’t even boot into that mode, you obviously won’t be able to complete those missions.

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Over the past week, social media has been full of reports drawing attention to the case. “343 must realize [hotfix] delete ALL BTB calls until they fix BTB, ”said one of the players. wrote in the Reddit post accompanying the screenshot showing the Big Fish Challenge, which requires players to score 7,500 Cumulative Points in rounds of a large team battle. “If 343 doesn’t fix BTB, can they at least take BTB calls out of rotation?” another player asked… Another described the problem is both “disappointing” and “unforgivable”.

Three Spartan soldiers control a warthog in Halo Infinite's grand command battle.

You cannot earn BTB warthog kills if you cannot get BTB.
Screenshot: 343 industries

I was lucky this week that I wasn’t stuck with any BTB-themed problems. Last week not so good. I had two: one specifically limited to the mode (“go through two full control matches in PvP”), and one that was best done in it (“save allies from afar”). It’s a good thing the weekly top honor isn’t much to write about! But this week’s reward is a sumptuous reddish visor. for samurai armor– it’s nice, and if I was prevented from earning it because of something beyond my control … yes, I can understand the frustration.

Of course, you can always use the challenge exchange – one-time items that allow you to toggle one of your weekly challenges – to get rid of any BTB challenges, but this is a limited currency. You get a limited amount by completing the Battle Pass. Once you run out of stock, you will need to accumulate real money in order to buy more in Halo Infinitedigital store. Or alternatively you can eat a bunch of pringles (they not even real chips!) or buy lunch at Chipotle (hard pass).

As a potential patch, some players offered 343 Industries gives each player several free challenges until BTB is fully functional. The more popular idea is to simply deactivate BTB calls for now. There is a precedent of sorts: in November, players often complained that at the end of each match they did not earn even a modest amount of experience. 343 industries applied overnight changing the way daily tasks work.

It’s unclear if 343 Industries is working on a solution. Microsoft representatives, Halo InfiniteThe publisher did not respond to a request for comment.

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