Halo Infinite will let you earn credits in Season 2

Two Spartans aiming their weapons on the Streets map in Halo Infinite while standing next to the Spawn Orb in Attrition Mode.

Screenshot: 343 industries

This is not a drill: Halo Infinite will soon allow you to earn credits for your in-game store. 343 Industries Senior Community Manager John Junischek confirmed this in a post on halo waypoint forums tonight in what is known in the American PR business as the “White House news dump.”

“Thanks to your continued feedback, we’re happy to confirm that credits can be earned in the Season 2 Battle Pass” Yunishek wrote. “We’ll have more information on this as we get closer to Season 2.”

WITH Halo Infinitethe multiplayer mode, which launched in November, was criticized by players for aspects of its free-to-play model. Some say battle pass progress it was too cold, which the 343 Industries quickly applied. Others focused on cosmetics, talking about the free battle pass. offers few meaningful rewards, eventually leaving all the cool stuff behind microtransactions in Halo Infinitein-game store.

Last week 343 Industries announced his intention lower prices in the store. While pack sticker prices have already dropped this week, Yuniszek said tonight that a store update next week will begin offering items to be sold piecemeal rather than exclusively as part of expensive packs.

These steps have been well received by the community, but setting up the Battle Pass so you can earn credits as you play is quite possibly the biggest request among Halo Infinite player base.

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At the moment, it is not clear exactly how the loans will be distributed, so many open questions remain. Will players receive them periodically by leveling up, like this season’s experience boost and challenge sharing? Will they actually be able to earn enough credits to meaningfully buy great premium cosmetics? More importantly, will players be able to accumulate credits and use them to pay upfront battle passes for future seasons?

Microsoft representatives, Halo InfiniteThe publisher did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Halo InfiniteThe second season is currently set to launch in May, at which point support for campaign co-op play is a staple for all previous ones. Halo the game that was not Endless at startup –will also be added. In today’s waypoint message, Yunishek said the team continues to look for fixes for long forgotten Big Team Battle playlist, although he did not offer a timeline.

But there is a plus: starting Tuesday, 343 Industries will (finally!) remove BTB themed challenges from your weekly rotation so that you don’t have to spend your newfound money swapping challenges for a ravaged mode that will likely continue to ravage for the foreseeable future.

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