Halo Infinite now has cat ear helmets, which is awesome

A team of Spartans Halo Infinite pose for the camera after the victory, including a player with cat ears and a teddy bear on armor.

Screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku

Didn’t I just praise Halo infinite couple weeks ago for letting me wearing cute things like sunflowers and roses? Now I am back to praise a different type of armor attachment that will be familiar to both girls and girls. Yes, the Master Chief can now wear cat ears. This is the future that Alex Jones tried to warn you about, the world about which belongs to cat boys and cat girls.

But these ears come at a price – and are only available in multiplayer. Costing around 10 bucks in real money, Purrfect Audio cat ears are part of a large feline kit that includes worn salmon-colored armor. Unfortunately, ears can only be worn on one armor core. This is a bummer because other types of merchandise started to get a little more flexible than what was being sold at the start of the mode.… For example, Iron Man’s red and gold skins currently being assembled are applicable to several armor cores, including the sadly limited (but soon easier to set upSamurai Core! However, as I sit with a small teddy bear strapped into my blue military camouflage, cat ears raised behind cover, trigger finger at the ready for a simple hint of enemy footsteps, I have a hard time complaining. I’m cute, and that’s the main thing.

It’s also a good time. Right now there is there is a big festive event it requires logging in for several days to win a variety of different goodies. While some may find this requirement burdensome over a period of time that can involve a ton of social commitment (if not travel), there are many incentives as well. By that I mean, this pink and green armor advertised at the event will surely pair well with my new cat ears. Nobody said looking good would be easy. My vacation plans just got bogged down by the omicron, so I still have nothing to do.

And for those of you totally put off by the vibrations of cat ears, don’t worry, there’s something for you here: 343 sells truly outstanding shades of black, brown and gray finish for your trusty battle rifle. Representation matters, people.

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