Halo Infinite Devs Comment on Season 2 Issues and Plans to Fix Them

The Spartans are involved in a shootout on Aquarius in the Rumble Pit playlist in the second season of Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinitesecond seasonwhich was to become so necessary to the phoenix down, hard start. Three days after the launch, the developer acknowledged his pitfalls, promising to “look at options.” Also: each player gets free items.

Halo Infinite, released last fall for Xbox and PC, is the first in a series of Microsoft’s popular sci-fi shooters to feature multiplayer based on the seasonal free-to-play model. Like many games with a similar structure, has a battle pass, which you can complete by earning XP for completing challenges (for example, “Win two Capture the Flag matches in PvP”). Each new season comes with a new battle pass.

Earlier this week, developer 343 Industries launched the second season of the game. The update that so biblical it needs a table of contents, added a lot of interesting things to the game. Last Spartan Standing, a lite battle royale of sorts, and King of the Hill are two bright spots. The return of Attrition, a new game type that appeared briefly during the winter, is welcome, as are several new variants of Slayer, Halostandard deathmatch. Two new maps have been added to the rotation (they completely rule), and the new background music and cosmetic options deserve a lot of praise.

But the update also missed the mark in many ways. Let’s break down the most significant misfires:

  • First, the issues related to The Last Spartan Survival weren’t properly tracked. Even though the game states that you can leave matches early without risking your progress in Active Challenges, some players have reported that their accounts do not reflect any progress.
  • Many evasive moves that are popular among high-level players have been removed from the game. Although it was stated in the patch notes, the severity of the cuts was unexpected.
  • The update also removed several Halo Infinite acceleration exploits, including the ability to pilot a landing craft “pelican” or to Equip a tank cannon with unlimited ammo.
  • On top of that, after the patch, some guns now jam without warning. (The studio has explained that it was unintentional and that a fix for it is in the works.)

Feedback came quickly and furiously; for every line of praise about new maps and modes, there were three more that were critical of the overall changes. Following the feedback, 343 Industries has released a number of fixes to improve Last Spartan Standing challenge tracking. Challenge progress, according to the studio, should now update more accurately.

“We’ve seen feedback on changes that have impacted various multiplayer jumps and campaign fast-paced strategies,” Halo Senior Community Manager John Junishek tweeted. “We’re not at the stage where we can make any promises yet, but we want to be transparent and say that we take feedback seriously and are considering options within the company.”

It’s unclear what specific jumps and speedrun exploits are under consideration in the studio or when a potential rollback to the update could be launched. When 343 Industries was approached for comment, they had nothing to add.

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Next week, Last Spartan Standing challenges will supposedly get easier. Moreover, for each completed task you will earn two Interference Battle Pass tiers for a specific event, which is active until May 16th. (It works just like past event passesallowing you to progress towards it in tandem with the standard battle pass.)

As a gesture of goodwill, 343 Industries is giving away five Challenge Exchanges (single-use items that let you trade in one of your weekly challenges) and XP Boosts (single-use items that double the amount of XP you earn in Challenges per hour) to everyone. who will log in before May 16th. Mine, however, were automatically applied to my account last night.

You can earn swaps and bonuses by passing through Endlessbattle pass. You can also purchase them from the microtransaction store: for 200 credits (about $2) you’ll get two of each. In November, as reviews of the first season’s issues reached a climax, 343 Industries gave away the highest award of the week– a luxurious golden visor – to everyone who played. It is not yet known if the same will happen with this week’s bounty.

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