Halo Infinite Aiming Assistant Made Fans Argue Again

A black and red Spartan holding an assault rifle and using aim assist in Halo Infinite.

Screenshot: 343 Industries

Like a circular cosmic structure, endowed with the ability to destroy all intelligent life at the touch of a button, some things just go on indefinitely. This is the case with the discussion of the Aim Assist functions. Halo games. Chatter launched new subscribers non-beta for the upcoming Halo infinite

It all started when Jake Luckey, the founder of the swag brand ESports cabinet, posted a short video of the streamer Twitch Jeff Cheney moving away from the keyboard in the middle Halo infinite correspondence. Shanee is clearly out of place, but you can see the reticle in the in-game movement at will, appearing magnetized to the Spartan’s opponent. To some, it definitely looked like a case of excessive zeal. help with aiming. See for yourself:

Since then, the video has been shared on social media. Lucky’s original tweet mostly quoted-tweeted users interfering to dissuade those who prefer to play Halo with a controller, not with a mouse and keyboard. The controller aims at you, thinking goesso it’s too easy newbies… Your victories don’t really count! (Shaneey reportedly used a mouse and keyboard.)

Some players say aiming assistance should be reduced or eliminated from the streak, especially in competitive matches. Others say it should stay. Sure, it would be nice to remove aim assist for the best of the best, but average Halo the player relies on it – perhaps in ways that he is not fully aware of. This is the whole point Halo: making you feel like a seven-foot super soldier with the precision of a hawkeye. You don’t get this feeling if you constantly skip frames.

Louder voices in space seem to hold back judgment until more information becomes available. On his Halo-specific feed, esports site Dexerto simply described Sheni’s clip as “… interesting.” Popular Halo player Eric “Snip3down“Vrona also distributed the clip, speaking he “needs an explanation.”

Well, good news: according to 343 Industries, there is a very real reason why aim assist occurred in Sheny’s match. Quinn DelHoyo, Lead Sandbox Designer Halo infinite, weighed in to clarify what was going on. Basically, when you actually control the game with your mouse and keyboard, it turns off.

“In this example, as soon as the player touches their mouse, aim assist is immediately disabled,” DelHoyo said. tweeted… “Once the mouse movement stops, it takes half a second to turn it back on. It doesn’t work during the game ”.

That’s all. Aim Assistant Doesn’t Actually Make You Better Halo… You are good on your own. Let it be you!

Plus, come on, we’ve already walked around this ring before. Players complained about aiming assistance in 2007, when Halo 3 was at the peak of his fame. They complained about it in 2021, when Halo infinitewater cooler ratings skyrocketed after that painful multiplayer mode at E3. They will complain about it in 2027, when we will still be playing Halo infinitebecause some things are destined to go on in mathematical eternity.

Halo infiniteslated to release on December 8th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC, has gone through several publicly available tech tests. The first one took place over the weekend from July to August and allowed players to fight bots (who were surprisingly human). Developer 343 Industries will run two more tests this weekend and next that will allow humans to fight other humans, and this context has sparked all sorts of discussions about the game’s fair competition. Hooray…

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