Halo 3 ODST Mod adds new weapons and elites to the classic sandbox

The neon yellow elite stand ready with the energy sword in New Mombasa.

Screenshot: 343 branches / harbinger

In case you want some more Halo content but want Wait for now Endless turns out First off, one of the best campaigns in the series just got an impressive mod that expands the sandbox, throws new enemies at you, and promises new upgrades around the corner.

Halo 3: ODST Reimagined, a solo effort by modder Harbinger (backed by a team of testers), has one clear and direct goal: to make New Mombasa’s classic rain-soaked city streets campaign “more fun.” This is achieved by adding new enemy types, AI behaviors, and weapons from some other games to make up for the smaller selection of firearms and enemy forces associated with the original.

Speaking to Harbinger on Discord, he explained that the process involved “remixing” the encounters to make the 2009 experience a bit newer, with altered Brute behavior changing the skirmishes along with the addition of elites that were missing from the campaign due to the World Civil War. Covenant. Their addition nicely complements the enemy palette to restore the classic “shielded but headshot enemies” so often associated with Halo campaign game. The secondary weapon also helps to fill the adventure with more ammo, much like in the later Bungie era. Halo titles have always felt a little mean in the bullet department.

GIF: 343 Industries / Harbinger / Kotaku

After playing around with this mod for a bit, it’s striking at first how subtle the changes were. Unlike many others Halo fashion like classic SPV3, this one doesn’t immediately catch the eye with overhauled visuals or overtly obvious weapon design changes. It’s a little thinner, and as a result it seems a little more organic and in harmony with the original. ODST.

I found myself finding new weapons quite naturally in the environment – and judging by the rings, they are a welcome addition. The presence of actual PMR on the field compensates for the rather weak silenced magnum and SMG original featured in the series, and while Halo ReachA plasma repeater appears, this time it seems to be more efficient. It is featured along with a collection of other Covenant weapons such as an automatic plasma pistol that spits red plasma with three blades. Overall, expanded weapons are definitely a must, as the newly expanded enemy ranks make the game more deadly and fun.

If you were looking for a good reason to jump in Halo 3: ODST yet again, Rethinking ODST the mod is worth your time. Harbinger advised keeping an eye on this as he hopes to improve the hub’s open world experience, perhaps with some Halo: Infinity-inspired valuable targets to destroy. Installation is simple: just overwrite the original map files in your local directory and run the game without enabling anti-cheat. Come back, newbie.

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