Gungrave GORE Launches Day One With Xbox Game Pass November 22nd

Iggymob just got back from Germany after attending gamescom where we demonstrated hands-on gameplay for Gungrave GOR fans and players. The answer was completely off the charts! We are so happy that we were finally able to share a unique experience that Gungrave GOR and thankful to the fans for their energy and enthusiasm!

More than two decades have passed since the original Gungrave was released on consoles, and today we’re back with a chance to showcase what Gungrave GOR Might look like on Xbox too. That’s why we’re excited to announce today that Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players will be able to play the legendary badass anti-shooter in Gungrave GOR Day 1 with Xbox Game Pass (Console, PC, Cloud) starting November 22, 2022!

Need a quick overview of how Grave does his thing? Check The Bullets Beauty Badass trailer we released earlier this summer is here.and last year’s interview with Mr. Yasuhiro Nightow here on Xbox Wire.

In life, as in Gungrave GOR, the action never stops and now we’re getting ready for the Tokyo Games Show! Stay tuned to Xbox Wire and track Gungrave GOR on twitter for the latest news and information. The grave is coming!

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