Guide the puppet through a dark fairytale world in a juggler’s tale


  • Juggler’s Tale is an inspiring cinematic puzzle platformer about the puppet Abby, who seeks freedom in a dark fairy-tale world.
  • Created by student startup kaleidoscube.
  • Juggler’s Tale Now Available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Juggler’s Tale is a cinematic puzzle platformer that takes players into a world of puppetry that they both watch and play. A world that is both beautiful and sinister, it draws inspiration from the tonality and mood of traditional fairy tales.

You play as Abby, a puppet who is trying to find her way to freedom from all conditions attached to her. A little juggler, captivated by the circus, Abby entertains the crowd during the day and spends her nights dreaming of freedom. Finally, Abby manages to escape, but she soon learns that the wider world has its own dangers.

Abby’s story is lyrically narrated by the puppeteer Jack, who may have his own agenda … The puppet threads visually represent a strong bond between the narrator and the puppet, and also offer unique puzzle mechanics.

Juggler's Tale

Juggler’s Tale developed by kaleidoscube, a student start-up from Germany: Dominik Schön, Enzio Probst and Steffen Oberle, the founding members of kaleidoscube, met while studying animation and interactive media at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, and later joined by another fellow student Elias Kremer. They quickly found that they shared a passion for video games, especially those focused on storytelling and creating a dense atmosphere, and they teamed up to begin work on Juggler’s Tale while studying.

Juggler's Tale

The idea behind the game was to connect today’s digital gaming culture with traditional theater and poetry. The long traditions of German poetry and drama, as well as the darker side of fairy tales and legends, served as the main source of inspiration for the creation and creation of the plot.

Juggler's Tale

The team completed production in 2021 as a graduate project in their final year at university, and now Juggler’s Tale finally available on the Xbox store!

Xbox live

Juggler’s Tale


A Juggler’s Tale is a cinematic puzzle platformer. Play as Abby the puppet and navigate a medieval fairytale world to find freedom. Use the puppet ropes in unique puzzles, find your way around obstacles and dodge the ruthless thugs who follow you, while the puppeteer holds the ropes tightly in his hands. HISTORY “Ladies and Gentlemen! Come in, come in! We’re in the mood for storytelling, aren’t we? ” Abby is an artist held captive in the circus: she spends her days entertaining the audience, and her nights in a cage, striving for freedom. One day she escapes from the circus and goes to explore the mystical world. Alas, freedom comes at a price, and soon Abby finds herself embroiled in the perils of this world: in a war-torn medieval tale, surrounded by devastated, starving citizens and pursued by the ruthless thug Tonda, Abby traverses raging rivers, gangster camps and traps. Her adventure is always accompanied by the lyrical rhymes of the puppeteer Jack, who tells her story, holding the strings of his puppets tightly in his always ready hands. Who can Abby trust? Can she find a way to truly break free? Despite hanging from a thread, will Abby find out that she can still influence her own destiny? “Abby, Abby … Can’t you see, the threads holding you back are holding you back too.”

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