Guide: Christmas Jumpers and Ugly Sweaters for Gamers – Pokémon, Mario, Sonic & More

Bright play costumes to keep you warm this Christmas.

Do you hear that? This jingling bell ringing is the sound of a festive inevitability! Among the socks and boxes of deodorant you get this holiday season, chances are good that there will be an ugly holiday jumper out there somewhere. Yes, even if grandma turned on the thermostat to the maximum and dad also puts out the fire, you will sit and gasp in a bright, itchy, woolly nightmare. Come on, it’s a tradition!

Yes, it’s Christmas, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. if you are have to wear a festive abomination at home or at a corporate party, why not do something more fun this year? Below, we’ve rounded up the best gaming-related jersey, in particular the sweaters available this Christmas, that will delight everyone.

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