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The next chapter of Aloy’s story begins on February 18, and she will face a hail of new threats: the doom of the world, Regalla and her rebels, the Sylens and his machinations… plus many new dangers yet to be uncovered.

But as Aloy ventures to the edge of the Forbidden West, she will not face these dangers alone. She will be joined by companions both fresh and familiar, including stalwarts like Varl and Erend, as well as new allies like Zo, Alva, and Kotallo.

Today, we’re proud to present our new story trailer, which offers a breathtaking glimpse into what’s in store for Aloy and her friends as they journey to the Forbidden West.

Plus, we’re excited to show you our new key art, which sees Team Aloy take on Regalla, her rebels, and some of the most dangerous machines the West has to offer. It also introduces Sylens, Hekarro, chief of the Tenakt tribe, and Tilda, a mysterious new character with a special connection to the ancient past.

Can Aloy and her companions overcome the dangers of the wild and the sins of the past to save a dying planet? Take a look at their epic journey now, then find out on February 18th!

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