Gucci sells Xbox Series X for $ 10,000

Two Xbox Gucci controllers versus a green Xbox Gucci case.

Photo: Gucci

Since Xbox Series X was released a year and two days ago, it was impossible getting one is a situation that is unlikely to be resolved in the near future, thanks to continuous merger factors. However, for some wealthy players, a different path will soon open up. Italian luxury fashion house Gucci will soon start selling small, customized Xbox Series X consoles (plus accessories) for $ 10,000.

That price tag doesn’t just include the Xbox Series X, which typically retails for $ 499 (well, when stock is available). First, it is somewhat more attractive than the typical matte black offering. Gucci has a laser engraved pattern which, to quote marketing copy, is “an evolution of the original Gucci Rhombi design from the 30s. [in which] the GG pattern turns into a play on words, representing not only Guccio Gucci’s initials, but also the playable phrase “Good Game.”

It also comes with two Xbox controllers, both in matte black for retail, except Gucci patented stripe down with the left grip. (Each new Xbox comes with one controller. And you can create your own controller from the Microsoft store for $ 70 via Xbox Design Lab… You can even engrave phrases such as “Eat the rich” or “Joe Biden forgave a student loan” for a small fee.)

You also get built-in access to Xbox Game Passbut at the moment it is unclear how long the sub lasts. I bet per month, which is only a three-month card. (A monthly subscription costs $ 10 or $ 15 if you want a premium tier.)

Last but not least, this kit includes a bag.

Gucci Xbox and Xbox controllers on a wooden floor.

Photo: Gucci

Gucci will sell 100 consoles at some of the most famous brick-and-mortar stores including Manhattan’s Worcester Street Outpost, a luxury Gucci Circolo in Milanand in the Shibuya area of ​​Tokyo on Wednesday 17 November.

Watch. It’s Friday. It’s been a long week. Have fun in the comments.

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