Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Cotton Gets Update To “Improve Input Lag”

Image: City Connection

City Connection has announced that it will address frame lag issues in its shmup Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute collection with an upcoming update scheduled for “late January or early February 2022.”

As noted on The site of the companyThe issue of excessive input lag was acknowledged back in October across the entire Cotton ‘Saturn Tribute’ range (including Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang and Guardian Force) and these issues were specifically addressed:

There have been cases where input delays occurred in this game for the following reasons.
(1) Delays due to equipment and motor performance.
(2) Delays caused by input devices or monitors
As a result of our verification and response, we were able to make technical improvements in the areas related to the above factor (1).

A post on the website also mentions a recent “test event” where they “were able to let users experience improvements” – obviously, the feedback was positive.

We tested the collection back in October, giving it a 5 out of 10 “Average” and noting the following regarding input latency:

Frame lag is equally high across all three games (which isn’t surprising given how far we can tell Saturn titles all fit into the same general emulation shell), and while that’s not bad, there is a clear lag between input and action in one. genre, you will most likely need fast and accurate input, almost as if the press is only registered when you let go buttons rather than pressing.

If so, it’s nice to see City Connection respond positively to the criticism received from shmup fans. Some genres handle slight input lag better than others, but shmups are definitely not one of them.

Overall, we were impressed with the games included, stating that the quality was “enough to lift this package a lot beyond its mediocre structure.” Hopefully these improvements will help bring this structure in line with the pearls it contains.

Looking forward to this patch? Do you think this might induce you to buy? Let us know how you are doing with the Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute below.

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