GTA Trilogy Remaster Isn’t Worth Lost Mods And Classic Games

Ryder in the updated GTA trilogy with broken limbs and a strange face.

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After months of rumors, speculation, leaks and teasers, Rockstar has finally released an updated version. Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – Final Edition gathering yesterday… He landed with a thud as the players collided and countless visual errors documented, gameplay glitches, and strange model and texture changes. Even when viewed in a vacuum, this state of affairs is disappointing, especially given the $ 60 price tag attached to the collection. But when you look at the big picture, it gets worse. These failed remasters seemingly resulted in the removal of a ton of classic Gta mods and original versions GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas… With that context added, the situation becomes much more frustrating, and it probably won’t have a happy ending.

Before Rockstar officially announced Gta remastered, fans have been speculating about them for months due to accidental leaks and insiders in various forums hinting at their possible existence. Around this time in the summer of 2021, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive have begun targeting and removing mods that were associated with classic PS2 gamesincluding popular mods like Vice crywhich ported Vice city To Gta v engine. Companies also sued the developers behind the project seeking to free reverse source code for Vice city and GTA IIIwhich would allow users to more easily port and customize these older games.

And since fans already assumed that Gta remasters were in development, and all of these mods were associated with those games – often improving or making them easier to play – many connected the dots and concluded that Take-Two Interactive was clearing the runway ahead of their own official remakes. However, Take-Two and Rockstar have yet to confirm why any mods or fan projects have been taken to court under the DMCA.

The reasons for this didn’t matter to some modders, as many started removing old content or closing mods out of fear of legal threats and attacks from Take-Two. In September, shortly after Kotaku reported what Rockstar really developed Gta remasters developers behind GTA Underground killed the mod six years later, citing the magnified “hostility towards the modding community“, And also” an imminent danger to our mental and financial well-being. “

As you’d expect, modders were furious with Rockstar and Take-Two for attacking mods and fan creators after years of letting them tinker with them. classical Gta games… Many expressed disappointment that after helping save games like GTA III Playable and popular after 20 years, Rockstar hasn’t approached modders for help or support with remasters, but instead lashed out at lawyers and sought help from legal notices. She rubbed many of them wrong.

In addition to all, Rockstar has also made the decision to remove the original. Gta games from consoles and PC, with little warning and no guarantee that this classic will ever return. So fans and Gta the community was left with these remasters and nothing more. Given the dire state of these remasters, many hope that modders can again save the day with free labor and enthusiasm. However, this may not be the case after all the legal troubles and killings over the past year.

Now, after a disastrous launch The definitive edition of the trilogy, many of Gta The modders I spoke to were mostly not interested in remakes, apart from sharing silly bugs and glitches on Twitter.

Popular Gta modder Quiet, known its great patches that fix and improve the classics Gta games, told me that he “doesn’t really care” about remakes, but was glad to see the backlash on the internet. “I think it’s good that it seems like Rockstar has finally reached the point where *many* people are tired of their actions. “

Ash_735, another popular one Gta modder, expressed his disappointment about the whole situation, explaining Kotaku that many modders and community members have always wanted Rockstar to behave like Valve or Bethesda, supporting modders and their creations. If that were the case, Ash believes that this whole situation would have turned out differently and would have involved many more happy fans and players. Unfortunately, Rockstar went wrong.

“Rather than recruiting people from this community, I think Take-Two and Rockstar feel inferior, we are instead dealing with US digital copyright law violations and lawsuits,” Ash said.

“It could have been different, it could have been more positive, but in the end, Rockstar and Take-Two decided to fight this community, and unfortunately, this will always be the right thing and they want to push changes. in-game assets are illegal, in the meantime we already have people modifying Final editions, we have people with cracked copies of the game who enjoy it while real buyers are punished Rockstar’s own launcher… “

Silent publicly tweeted that people shouldn’t expect him or most other popular modders to fix Rockstar remasters.

“People usually have more important things to do than unpaid work for others that will neither be recognized nor appreciated,” tweeted Quiet

As players continue to post videos and screenshots terrible weather effects, missing fog, annoying bugs, broken textures and much more, it is obvious that someone will need to fix these remasters. And due to Rockstar and Take-Two’s ongoing struggle with modders and fan developers, unlike in the past, the community likely won’t be coming in anytime soon to improve these games.

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