Grid Legends Launches 2022: New Story Mode And Features Revealed



  • The award-winning racing franchise returns in 2022.
  • A stunning new story of virtual production featuring real-life actors.
  • Discover an incredible variety of motorsport.

Buckle up, racing fans. Hot Press and first introduced to the world today during EA Play Live, we’re incredibly excited to reveal Grid legendscoming to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One in 2022.

As if the debut of the award-winning racing franchise on the latest generation of consoles wasn’t exciting enough, it’s so nice to do so with a game that uses key components of any Grid take the game to new heights and also adds a lot of fresh content and experiences.

Today’s official trailer gave you a first glimpse of what this all looks like, but if you think you might have missed something, fear not. Let us introduce you to the key ingredients of this first glimpse into a wondrous new chapter for Grid, from Codemasters and EA.

Grid legends: Our most ambitious story

One thing immediately becomes apparent as soon as our showcase trailer begins: it’s much more than just a racing game.

Many titles from Grid the archives were not afraid to create a captivating story about exciting races, and Grid legends takes this approach to another level. For over a year, the incredible team here has planned and brought to life a stunning storytelling, using virtual production, mixing reality and racing technology that this series has never seen before.

GRID legends

An excellent cast of talent, including Nkuti Gatwa (Netflix star “Sex education “) bring our story to life, centered around the new season of the Grid World Series, dominated by the infamous Ravenwest Motorsport and their five-time champion: Nathan McCain. This documentary captures every moment as new teams and new personalities take their own shot at glory, and action and drama simmer both on the track and in the paddock. The focus is on you, challenging division and keeping your nerves behind the wheel, and beat McCain and Ravenwest, but this is much easier said than done.

Turns and turns are not just saved on the track. Expect the unexpected, watch the line between fantasy and reality blur, and get ready to challenge everyone in exciting races around the world. This is your chance to become the next racing legend. There is only one question left: will you take this chance?

GRID legends

A stunning variety of races in Grid legends

Whether you’re immersing yourself in history or competing in any of our other modes, you’ll find an incredible selection of vehicles – over 100, in fact, all hand-selected to provide a variety of racing experiences. You have noticed all six real cars in our trailer, such as the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Concept, Audi A4 Quattro BTCC and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Drift-Tuned.

You’ve also seen a lot of awesome fictional cars our team has invented, from a nimble one-seater to a huge giant car. Each vehicle will get better performance as you progress, and we’ll be sharing more details on this new feature and more in the coming months.

GRID legends

That’s not all about your classic races. Drift events are returning to Grid legends, with dedicated routes, events and drift-tuned vehicles. However, if you want to compete, you have 130 routes to do it from the typical Grid a mixture of real tracks and amazing fictional tracks. Head to Indianapolis, Brands Hatch and other tracks to be revealed, or race the legendary streets of San Francisco, Paris, or brand new locations like London and Moscow that you may have spotted in the trailer. Other fan favorite and fresh locations will also be revealed.


Create the Absolute Grid legends Event

Although all cars will be divided into separate classes, our race design tools will allow you to create events with multiple classes on the track and many other variables to make the race unique. Let’s say you want to race 20 laps through the streets of London, at night, in the rain, with classic touring cars in trucks. Ouch, and there is a countdown timer, with the last-ranked car being removed when the timer reaches zero. You can do this with the help of a race creator – and when you’re done designing your event, why not take it online and challenge riders from all over the world to compete in it?

GRID legends

Grid legendsStory and other modes will feature hundreds of carefully crafted events using all of these tools, but we wanted to give you the same opportunity to create and share your dream race. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Road to Grid legends: Launch 2022

Sure, these are very early days as we get closer to launching next year, but we couldn’t wait any longer to give you a first glimpse of what awaits you – and it only scratches the surface.

In the coming months, we’ll really start shifting between gears and talk about new modes, features, vehicles, locations, online innovations, and more. Trust me: we are just getting started …

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