GoldenEye 007 Gets a Release Date on Xbox Game Pass


  • James Bond will return to consoles on January 27th.
  • Innovative gameplay introduced to a new audience with some modern touches.
  • Available to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players through Xbox Game Pass.

Back in September last year, it was announced that the Rare-developed hit of the 90s goldeneye 007 will finally return to consoles so that seasoned players can enjoy the game again and again, and the new generation can explore it for themselves.

Today we can announce the date goldeneye 007coming to Xbox Game Pass and you won’t have to wait long: global launch date January 27, 2023, in just a few days. In fact, the rollout begins late on January 26th in select territories and becomes available to players worldwide by January 27th.

Version goldeneye 007 The classic game that made a splash in 1997 and is based on the film that introduced viewers to an exciting new era of James Bond is due to appear on Xbox Game Pass. It comes with objective-based stealth shooter gameplay and, of course, the legendary local multiplayer mode for split-screen showdowns with friends. It also offers several key additions for modern audiences, including alternate control options, achievements to unlock, and native 16:9 resolution up to 4K Ultra HD (where supported).

goldeneye 007 will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as part of Xbox Game Pass. In addition, players who own a digital copy Rare repeat, a collection of 30 games by Rare, created to celebrate the studio’s 30th anniversary, will be free to download and enjoy. Watch for him to come out of hiding on January 27th!

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