God Of War Ragnarok director ‘would like’ to play Castlevania

An image of Kratos from God of War Ragnarok with a silhouette of Simon Belmont crawling in the background.

Is that you, BOY? Kratos, definitely.
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God of War Ragnarok just got out, and yet there seems to be some hope that the adventure game will get DLC. 2018 god of War didn’t get any expansion after launch, so why is it a sequel when he should end the rebooted series a little strange. But now game director Eric Williams has not only put an end to that conversation by saying that people shouldn’t count on Ragnarok DLC, but also confirmed that he “would like” to work on Castlevania project.

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AT long discussion Kinda Funny Games spoilercastWilliams was asked Ragnarok Perhaps now that the game has crashed, you will get additional content. Williams shook his head slightly, probably in disbelief, saying it was unlikely to happen.

“Um, I don’t know man, this game is big,” Williams told Kinda Funny. “Like, [Sony Santa Monica Studio] put everything we had into it, so I wouldn’t count on it.”

Although he seemed to have buried the notion Ragnarok receiving DLC, Williams was quick to mention another license that the team would hit with no problem: the long-running but currently missing Konami. Castlevania.

“Hey, you guys can do it,” Williams said after the Kinda Funny team joked about him playing the 1997 PlayStation classic. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night now that he had Ragnarok finished. “You have an audience here, the whole world, you understand? I don’t know what I’ll do next, but if someone gives me this Castlevania license, [Santa Monica] would like to do it.”

Kotaku reached out to Sony for comment.

Castlevania is a gothic horror adventure series from Konami that, starting from influential Symphony of the Night, serves as a key inspiration for what is now called the “Metroidvania” genre. Despite being a key franchise for modern gaming, Konami hasn’t released a new installment in the series since the 2014 spin-off. Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2.

Since then there have been several compilations reimagining old school music. Castlevania games like in 2019 Castlevania Anniversary Collection and 2021Preview Castlevania Collection, but if you were hoping for a new one, you’re out of luck. And drive a nail into the coffin, the last piece Castlevania to the media that recently came out was the dark fantasy Netflix animated series of the same name, which Looks like season 4 is over..

Kind of funny games

Maybe Sony Santa Monica Studio can do the same for the Belmonts as Kratos? But given that Williams concluded that he was “just in so much trouble” for saying that, your guess is as good as mine.

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God of War Ragnarok launched on November 9 to critical acclaim, with a score of 94 on review aggregators. Metacritic as well as opencritic. There’s a lot to it, not least the well-realized relationship dynamic between Kratos and his teenage son, Atreus. But I like the accessibility features the most, including checkpoint system this makes boss fights much less dangerous. This is a godsend and I hope it will be implemented in other games in the future.

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