God of War developer who helped create Legendary Ax Passes

A screenshot from God of War 2018 showing Kratos wielding a Leviathan ax.

We have his ax.
Screenshot: Sony

With its powerful, meaty punch and good taste of coming back after being thrown, the Leviathan Ax from 2018 god of War is one of the most memorable weapons in all games. This week, Sony Santa Monico Studio members and gamers around the world mourn the passing of George Mole, gameplay engineer whom game director Corey Barlog calls “one of the fathers of the Leviathan feeling.”

The news of the death of Maule on September 2 came from god of War The head of combat design Mihir Shet, who praised the engineer in long Twitter thread on the weekend. During his work at Studio Santa Monica, which began in 2013 and continued until his departure in January of this year, Maule worked on god of Warweaponry, navigation, RPG systems, combat and more. Sheth, in particular, cites Maule’s work on the Leviathan Ax, as well as the rotating chains of the Chaos Blades.

Prior to joining Santa Monica Studio, George Mole worked as a programmer on several notable games. From 2003 to 2010, he served as CTO at Radical Entertainment, programming games such as Scarface: the world is yours and Prototype 2… His programming achievements also include 2003. Aquaman: Battle of Atlantis for the GameCube and Xbox, one of the worst reviewed games of all time.

But what will be remembered for George Mole is his contribution to 2018. god of War, one of top action games reviews for all the time. Game director and studio head Corey Barlog took to Twitter yesterday to recall the man and the Leviathan Ax he helped create, saying, “Without (George Mole’s) curiosity and intelligence, these moments of pure joy from the ax memory would never have existed.”

Rest in peace, George Mole. I would suggest to boot god of War and throw the Leviathan Ax in his honor this week, or just close your eyes and remember how damn good that weapon is.

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