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Hello PlayStation players! Exciting news straight from the mouth of a goat, Goat Simulator 3 has a launch date! Pilgor and Friends will release on PlayStation 5 on November 17th.

We have heard that many people are confused by the name of our game Goat Simulator 3. Here at Coffee Stain Publishing we wanted to clarify and answer the question why the game is called Goat Simulator “3”… Unfortunately we were unable to get a direct answer from our friends from Coffee Stain North, the creators of the game. Which is not surprising since they are a bit of an odd group.

But in the spirit of transparency, and since you asked, here’s what various team members have told us, we’ll let you decide what to think.

  • “There were three goats on the box art” – Rasmus Björk, community manager and cameraman.
  • “Wait? Didn’t we make Goat Simulator 2?” — Olivia Follin, programmer
  • “It’s been so long since the release of Goat Simulator 1 that Goat Simulator 2 as a title just doesn’t embody all the advances in simulation technology that we’ve implemented.” – Sebastian Zetraus, Game Producer
  • “No one likes sequels” – Driton Gashi, designer
  • “Baaaaaaaa” – Pilgor
  • “There was a reason… but I forgot…” – Philip Bretschneider, 3D artist
  • “Someone on the publishing team said it, and we didn’t want to fix it.” — Judith Radnitz, Game Producer
  • “God of War: Ragnarok is already busy” – Santiago Ferrero, creative director.
  • “It would be weird if we called it Goat Sim 4.” – William Birgersson, art director and level designer
  • “It’s just a typo anyway” – Helena Lindström, public relations manager.
  • “Numbers, Mason, what do they mean?” – Stuart Doherty, sound engineer
  • “None of the above” – ​​Sebastian Eriksson, CEO
  • “Pilgor does what Gordon doesn’t” – Joar Hedvall, programmer

What we do know for sure is that Goat Simulator 3 is officially releasing on November 17th, and you can pre-order the standard edition right now on PlayStation 5 here for a fun “before the udder” surprise, or opt for the Digital Downgrade Edition that comes with with a choice. updated items from the Goat Simulator.

We’ve also introduced the Goat In A Box Edition (currently available for pre-order only in the EU and ANZ regions) for the most dedicated goat lovers. Pre-order now and you’ll get your very own little Pilgor toy that you can cuddle or store pristine in your attic and hope it becomes valuable someday (warning: it won’t).

Sorry again for the lack of clarity, to make up for this we have a couple of new exclusive screenshots from the game in the hope that you will forgive us.

Aggressively defend your personal style in any case.

When you feel the need – the need for speed – Goat Simulator 3 will help you.

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