Go Behind The Scenes Of Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo Soundtrack

Although we need to wait until 2022 to Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo on the Switch, though, we’re still quite intrigued by what it will bring. Microids has published a second series of Dev Diary videos about the game, this time focusing on the soundtrack.

This is an interesting insight into the process, not only for this game, but also for medium sized games of this scale. We’ll take a peek inside the in-house developer Pendulo Studio, see how the composer works alongside scripts and design teams, and see some recording sessions. These aren’t the big studio assets you’d see in a major retail tri-A game, but it’s an impressive setup that can be seen in action nonetheless.

The video also discusses how the soundtrack will draw inspiration from the music from Hitchcock’s films, in particular the music that inspired composer Bernard Herrmann.

Watch the video and share your opinion with us!

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