Ghostrunner: Project_Hel Available Now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Hey ghost runner fans and welcome Project_Helbut ghost runner story expansion, available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. We’ve filled this DLC with new levels, enemies, bosses, abilities, music, Ghostrunner story and more. Watch the Project_Hel launch trailer below:

What is Project_Hel

History Project_Hel revolves around an offensive against rebels trying to free the inhabitants of Dharma Tower from the tyrannical Keymaster. Hel is a combat android tasked by the Keymaster to kill those who choose to resist and stop her terror. However, Hel is also a prisoner who is controlled by the Keymaster and forced to carry out this mission against their true wishes. That Project_Hel The DLC takes you through many exciting new levels filled with relentless action, a twisting story and some incredible new songs from Daniel Deluxe.

New Enemies

Project_Hel filled with new content to give fans the exhilarating experience they’ve come to love ghost runner franchise. The rebels can fight back, and they strike armed with a futuristic cyberpunk arsenal. Several new enemies have appeared in the game. Project_Hel ranging from people flying on a jetpack to mega mechs!

Powerful Abilities

Hel was built as the next generation of Ghostrunner and she is equipped with a Rage system designed for precision execution. Hel is stronger, faster and more durable than the Ghost Runner you play as in the main campaign. Hel’s Super Jump throws her long distances with precision and ferocity. We wanted players to feel like they were the dominant force on the battlefield, so we gave Hel a shield that increases her chances of survival. One of Hel’s special attacks allows her to break through barriers that are normally indestructible for standard Ghost Runner models. There are many more features that you will use in this new ghost runner adventure, so be prepared to show no mercy.

ghost runner as well as Project_Hel DLC available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Join the community and share your experiences with us on social media to be featured on our official accounts. Join the official Xbox Ghostrunner Club and check out featured content and discussions. Share your photo mode images and tag us on social media with #Ghostrunner.

Ghost Runner: Project_Hel

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Dive into the brutal and brutal story of Hel, the boss of the Ghost Runners, in the upcoming Project_Hel expansion. Fight your way through the Dharma Tower to put down the climbers’ rebellion. Complete new levels, defeat new bosses, experience a completely new story and play as a new brutal character. Remember, if he moves, he can be killed.

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Ghostrunner is a hardcore first-person slasher filled with lightning-fast action set in a dark cyberpunk setting of a futuristic megastructure. Climb the Dharma Tower, humanity’s last refuge after a global cataclysm. Rise from the very bottom to the top, fight the key tyrant and take revenge. The streets of the tower city are full of violence. Mara, Keeper of the Keys, rules with an iron fist and cares little for human life. As resources dwindle, the strong prey on the weak, and chaos threatens to consume what little order remains. The decisive final battle is approaching. The last attempt to fix everything before humanity is on the brink of extinction. As the most accomplished Bladeslayer ever created, you are always outnumbered but never outclassed. Slash your enemies with your monomolecular katana, dodge bullets with superhuman reflexes, and use a variety of special moves to win. The “one hit, one kill” mechanic makes combat fast and intense. Use your superior mobility (and frequent checkpoints!) to fearlessly engage in an endless dance with death. Ghostrunner offers a unique single-player experience of fast-paced, brutal combat and an original setting that fuses science fiction with post-apocalyptic themes. It tells the story of a world that has already ended and its inhabitants who are struggling to survive.

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