Get your Halloween gifts early…with the [email protected] Horror Non-Halloween Sale!

To celebrate Halloween in just six months, we have prepared an amazing collection of scary games to quench your thirst for horror and suspense. Whether you prefer to play as one of the most iconic horror characters or enjoy sinister and thrilling survival stories, we’ve rounded up over 65 of the scariest and most thrilling horror games for you, with up to 75% off. Starting April 22, close the blinds and draw the curtains to tune in to this exciting and spooky collection on sale for a limited time only.

The Walking Dead: The Ultimate Telltale Series (50% off) Dive into the world of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by an undead apocalypse, meet other survivors, explore locations, and make terrible decisions in this series of choices and consequences.

The Walking Dead: The Ultimate Telltale Series contains all four seasons, 400 Days and The Walking Dead: Michonne, including over 50 hours of gameplay in 23 unique episodes. With improved graphics, hidden bonus features and faithful recreations of classic menus, this is the best way to experience Clementine’s journey and find out how her story ended.

Dead by daylight (50% discount)

Have you ever wanted to play as one of your favorite horror movie characters? Dead by daylight is a 1v4 multiplayer game that features all corners of the horror world, from a powerful slasher to a terrifying paranormal creature.

Choose between playing as an unstoppable killer or as one of four survivors trying to escape a gruesome death. Each character has their own deep development system and many unlockable items that can be customized to suit your personal strategy. Work together to escape, or hunt down and sacrifice every Survivor.

Friday the 13th: Game (75% discount)

For the first time, you will have the opportunity to play as Jason Voorhees, the most famous killer in the horror genre. Hunt down your prey, set up ambushes whenever you see fit, and strike fear into the hearts of many unfortunate victims as you become a legend yourself! Friday the 13th: Game will include plenty of kills, new and familiar, to help you set the tone for the Jason Voorhees you want to be. You can even unlock different incarnations of Jason from the movies!

Hi, neighbor (75% discount)

Hi, neighbor is a stealth horror game in which you have to break into your neighbor’s house to find out what terrible secrets he is hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from every step you take. Do you really enjoy climbing through your backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneak through the front door? Cameras will be there soon. Are you trying to escape? The neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

KILLER FLOOR 2 (75% discount)

AT Killer Floor 2, players descend into mainland Europe after it has been taken over by horrific, bloodthirsty clones called the Zedas, who were created by rogue Horzine Corporation. The Zed outbreak, caused by Horzine’s failed experiments, quickly spread at an unstoppable rate, paralyzing the European Union. Just a month ago, the first Zed flash from the original took place. Killing Floor swept through London; now Zeds are everywhere. Civilization is in disarray, communications networks have failed, governments have collapsed, and military forces have been systematically destroyed. The peoples of Europe are now focused on self-preservation, the lucky few survivors have gone into hiding.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War (75% discount)

Hitler’s hordes are back to learn more in this chilling shooter from the creators Sniper Elite 4! Hideous occult enemies, epic weapons and a heartbreaking new 1-4 player campaign await you in 1940s Europe as you fight to save humanity from the Undead Armageddon!

The Resistance defeated Zombie Hitler and cast him into Hell, but the dead have risen again with even more hunger than before! Continuation of alternative history Zombie Army Trilogy on huge new levels and uncover a sinister plan in which the Survivor Brigade will lead the Survivor Brigade through all of Italy and beyond. Zombie Army 4: Dead War!

This is just the tip of the amazing collection we have created for you. The sale will last until May 2nd.thso hurry up before the collection ends and face your fears… if you dare! For the full collection of non-Halloween horrors, go to the specials section on your console or visit

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