Get ready for the Mushroom Wars 2 competitive scene

Mushroom Wars 2 is a highly competitive real-time strategy game where you control beautiful little squads of mushrooms. Each battle is short, usually only around five minutes, but it’s a very intense encounter between you and another player. Full immersion required!

You can prepare by playing the story campaign alone, but none of the computer opponents can match the cunning mind of a real person.

mushroom wars 2, The time-honored esports game is now available on modern consoles. We asked our community manager for some tips on the main aspects of the game that might be helpful for Mushroom Generals beginners.

Attack and defense

At first glance, everything in the game seems to be based on math and numbers: an IDE with a large number of units should win the battle. But it’s not that easy.

There are defense and attack multipliers that play a huge role in the game. By gaining an advantage over your opponent, you will be able to “trade” fewer units in micro-battles.

Ways to increase defense and attack indicators:

– pumping the building for higher protection

– get a higher level of morale

– using hero skills like Rudo’s Defensive Walls or Ainer’s Rage

– construction of forges

Number of troops

Since the number of units in the enemy buildings is hidden, it is difficult to predict if you will succeed in attacking, but it is possible. Fortunately, there is a bar at the top of the match screen that shows the number of troops each player has. It won’t tell you the exact number in each building, but it can give you an average by dividing by the number of buildings they own.



Morale can be the most important aspect of the game to prevent the snowball effect. Morale is displayed right below the troop count bar at the top of the battle screen. Morale levels are visualized with asterisks.

As already mentioned, the more morale you have, the higher the attack and defense indicators. In addition, the speed of your units also increases, which affects the damage per second ratio of your army.

Something to remember: never attack an opponent with a two-level morale advantage. It is very likely that your attack will not succeed, you will simply “feed” the enemy and in most cases give a free victory.

To increase morale you need:

– capturing buildings

– defend enemy attacks

– improve buildings

– use active skills of some heroes

You lose morale when the following occurs:

– your units die on the battlefield

– you lose a building

– inaction



There is a way to send units much more efficiently into a very tight lane, and it’s not cheating! It was a mistake in the original mushroom wars but became a feature of the sequel.

We call it a snake. The snake can make your attacks more powerful and unpredictable.

To complete the snake you need:

  1. Select the building you want to send units from and make sure it has less than 35 units.
  2. Select the building you want to send units to by holding the right bumper button.
  3. Press button B as quickly as possible on the requested building.

We hope these tips will help you show your true prowess in 1v1 or 2v2 battles. Good luck to the newborn Mushroom General!

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Mushroom Wars 2 is the award-winning sequel to the critically acclaimed hit real-time strategy game, building on the core gameplay that made the original Mushroom Wars so fun. Learning the basics of mushroom warfare is easy with simple and intuitive controls as well as gamepad support. But the path to becoming a formidable commander requires quick reflexes, strategic acumen, and the ability to simultaneously control up to a thousand units. Once you are confident in your skills, the best way to improve your mushroom army is against other players. Mushroom Wars 2 is tournament ready, with a league system and ranked matches that create fierce competition. In addition, the playback function and spectator mode make it easy to enter the competitive scene. Just want to enjoy a friendly shootout with your friends? Custom Games let you try out new strategies with up to three friends in all-against-all or team matches. Whether you’re battling hordes of enemies in the single-player campaign, or competing against friends in a variety of multiplayer modes, Mushroom Wars 2 offers intense, fast-paced short battles!

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