Get ready for an alien invasion. Timothy vs. Alien Lands on Xbox One

Timothy Vs Aliens is an open-world platformer in which a cool and proud gangster named Timothy will lead the resistance against the invasion of terrifying aliens who have come to devour everything that comes their way.

The game is set in a black and white world that contrasts with colorful aliens and combines platforming, exploration, puzzles and many action. In a big city full of characters, stories and missions, Timothy will fight different types of aliens and enemies, and on his way he will be able to use both classic cars that he finds throughout the city and powerful weapons. , items and ammunition that he will buy from Luciano, the arms dealer.


As the adventure progresses, you will be able to help other characters in secondary missions as you travel through the city. Timothy will also be assisted by other unusual visitors who will give him improvements, and will also have a trump card up his sleeve: a special ability to slow down time. Timothy’s world will take the player into classic gangster films with a touch of black humor and eccentricity.


Take part in the action. Timothy vs. Aliens is Now Available on Xbox One!

Timothy Vs Aliens


US $ 16.99

Timothy vs. Aliens is an open-world platformer and action-adventure video game in which a gangster defends his black-and-white city from a full-color alien invasion. The game takes place in Little Fish City, an open and large city that you can freely explore and which hides many secrets and missions. This is a city full of platforms, and going through it will not be just a walk from one point to another. In addition, you will be able to explore the entire city by car using any of the vehicles that appear in the game. In Timothy vs. Aliens, you’ll also find plenty of action-packed alien ambushes, as well as lots of puzzles to find items, help other characters, and gain access to locked or hidden locations. Of course, you will always be well equipped to fight aliens, and you can increase your inventory by purchasing items from Gunrunner. All this and much more in a game full of stories, adventures and secrets.

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