Genshin Impact Patch 2.3 introduces Ito, Albedo, and the Snowmen

Illustration of Albedo, Ether and Paimon standing in the Dragonback Mountains.

Image: miHoYo

Developers this morning Genshin Strike shared the details of the upcoming Patch 2.3 live, including important seasonal and permanent additions to the game, as well as winter minigames. Limited characters Albedo and Eula will be available at the same time, followed by the limited-time return of Itto and Goro. The update also adds Shadows Among Blizzards, a main story event that takes place in the Dragonback region. Also coming soon are two powerful new artifact sets that will make healers and geo-characters more viable in the current meta.

For players who could not get Albedo and Eula at their initial release, miHoYo confirmed that their event banners will be displayed concurrently in 2.3. This is part of the new character banner type where one guaranteed pull counter will be split between the two character banners, which means older characters can come back with more frequency, but free players may have to skip more banners to save premium currency for a future character.

The inclusion of Arataka Itto in the game was teased a month ago, and The internet started to crave over the design of his character. This five-star character will arrive in Genshin Strike as the owner of geo claymore. Its limited event banner will include the four-star Goro, a geolocator who is often seen in the Sangonomian Resistance main quest storyline. In the new update, Goro and the ship’s captain, Liue Beido, will be holding meetings (special story quests in which players choose stories with multiple endings).

Shadows Among Blizzards is the main seasonal event of this update, and it takes place in the Dragonback Mountains. In addition to a new time-limited story, the event includes an exploration mini-game, combat missions, and a snowman decoration function. Players who complete the event can receive a four-star sword – Cinnabar Spindle for free. The event will also bring rewards that can be used to create snowmen during the event, and they can be used to bring winter charm to your home in Serenithea (Genshinhousing system) after the event.

Bantan Sango Dossier: Warrior Dog is a small stealth event in the Inazuma region. Players can earn rewards for rescuing missing animals guarded by a hostile ninja dog. After the event, players can earn the Omni-Ubiquity Net, a gadget that allows players to recreate animals for their homes. With the new update, Paymon can also be added to the kingdom of Serenitheus as a companion.

New artifacts are constantly being added to the game. Sea Clam is a set of artifacts that give a bonus to healing and the ability to deal damage to foam. The foam explodes, dealing damage based on the amount of healing the character has done over a short period of time, meaning that healers like Kokomi and Qiqi can significantly increase the damage potential. This is one of Genshinmany new additions to make the treatment viable playstyle in the current meta. Another set of artifacts, Husk of Opulent Dreams, grants geo damage and defense bonuses, making them ideal for both Itto and Goro, as their ability effectiveness is dependent on defense. These new additions are a nice departure from the current meta, which is dominated by characters with high attack or critical damage modifiers.

Version 2.3 from Genshin Blow starts on November 24.

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