Genshin Impact Discord Server Hit 800k, Bumping It To The Max

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I knew Genshin Blow was a popular game. I also knew it had a ton of active and voracious players who were lacking in free online RPG. But I had no idea that it was so popular that it pushed Discord to its limits and forced the developers to run a second server for everyone.

Some time ago, Genshin Impact’s official Discord server struck by an astounding number of users – 800 thousand. But there was a problem with this milestone: it looks like this is the limit for the Discord server (or at least it’s the same as the people on miHoYo want to go). So on July 28, official Genshin Strike Twitter account announced the opening of a second Discord server.

The new server is called “Genshin Impakt Tavern“. To date, this second server has already reached almost 140 thousand users. At this rate, it is likely that developers may need to launch a third Discord server in the future, or convince the people working at Discord to provide them with more space for users looking for a place to chat with others. Genshin players.

Discord has exploded in popularity over the past few years. In the past year, many players have also switched to Discord. to keep in touch with friends and family during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, online gaming across various platforms has seen a huge surge in player activity over the past year or so. as people tried to stay at home and stay safe during the pandemic-related isolation around the world.

If you want to be a part of this new “Genshin Blow Tavern »Discord, I would recommend joining sooner rather than later. It is possible that this second server will also fail one day. I am also wondering how many people who are part of the original server are also joining the new server? Sounds like a jerk, but then again, if you want to stay connected with the wider community, I can see people taking a double step.

In a different Genshin Strike news: I really started playing the game after trying again when it came out and gave up. I like it. I will keep you informed of this important story.

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