Genshin Impact Beginner’s Baal Is Already Toasting By Fans

Illustration of Baal from Genshin Impact pulling a magic sword from his chest

Illustration: miHoYo

Genshin Strike filled with clumsy cranks. I don’t expect most of the participants to be world class chefs, but there is one character whose culinary incompetence surpasses them all.

Baal cannot cook. No toast, no scrambled eggs, nada.

Cooking is an essential survival skill in high-level combat. Genshin Strike… Dishes have the ability to heal and give stat buffs, which is why I regularly participate in this activity. Some characters even have a special cooking ability that increases food production, and each character hired has a personal signature meal. Even children like Klee and Sayu, who are also recruited characters like Baal, can cook.

So, imagine how shocked I was when I realized that the god of the Inazuma region cannot cook food at all. I don’t mean that her attempts to cook fail more often. I mean, it’s impossible to choose Baal as a cook when I’m standing by the fire.

It wouldn’t be so funny if I didn’t regularly use Razor to make delicious potato pancakes. I can’t believe that the ruling leader of an entire country has less life skills than a child who was literally raised by wolves.

I was willing to believe that the devs simply limited her skills while she was a new character, as her dialogue with Serenithea seems to be blocked behind the completion of the main quest. Except that Baal’s unwillingness to cook is part of her knowledge. She has a voice that confirms that her culinary skills are a constant weakness.

This is not a weak point that has any serious gameplay implications since it takes about five seconds to cook and there is no limit to the number of meals you can cook in a day. It’s just funny that the main antagonist of the Inazuma region has such a specific weakness. I have already seen memes that Sara Cujo is a wife who must make sure that Electroarchon does not starve to death. Only now it doesn’t quite look like a joke when Baal’s emblem is embossed on Sarah’s signature dessert.

The jokes do not end there. Limited character weapons are usually pretty serious business. I’ve seen ability names on this weapon such as Golden Majesty and Sky-Piercing Fang. Baal’s weapon? The name of the ability is Timeless Dream: Eternal Furnace.

Despite all this Genshin Strike does to make Baal a formidable enemy for the Inazuma region, this will keep her busy with culinary jokes. Apparently the fandom is too.

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