Gearbox is shutting down its old discussion forums and moving to Discord

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Transmission just announced that the company will soon shut down their discussion forums and encourage all users to switch to individual games instead Discords per the needs of their community. I’m here again to say that this is a very stupid idea.

Forum Notice– which have existed in their current form since 2015, and much longer before that –explains that they have already been are locked read-only and will be coming sooniped completely and users have 30 days to “save any content you want to keep”:

We’ve had many good years of communication on the Gearbox forums. It was a great place to connect with all of you and a paradise for amazing discussions, gatherings and support. Last year, we noticed that many of our community members are choosing to connect on our other social platforms, which is great. We love to connect with you and support the community.

Looking at where the conversations are taking place and the feedback is being expressed, we want to continue this dialogue on our social media where the majority of the community is getting informed. Our support team will continue to receive your feedback and concerns through

Starting July 19, 2022, categories will be read-only. This means that members will no longer be able to post on the forums, but people will be able to read previous posts. This will give 30 days to save any content you wish to keep before it is closed. Later this summer, you will notice the new Gearbox website and the forums will disappear completely.

Thanks for the years of chats, guides, support, and for making this a great community. We look forward to continuing our conversation with you.

It was, is, and will forever remain the dumbest trend in managing the video game community. I understand that the forums are becoming less popular and that their tendency to become icy creates a number of problems. The desire to close forums when faced with declining usage and perceived advances in technology. natural and understandable.

But porting this functionality to Discord is not an option! Discord and forums are, as I explained in detail earlier on this sitecompletely different sites with completely different features!

Discord is great for communication at the moment. It’s a place for real-time conversations (or at least those that are a few hours old if they’re not so busy), a fancy way to manage multiple chats and voice communications, and, if you want it, millions of people around. the world does, for a variety of needs and desires – then great!

However, the forums are not the same. Nothing like this. The forums are more deliberate, more thoughtful, and while they’re far from perfect – I’m sure you can post a billion examples of people who aren’t intentional and not covered in the forums – the point is that they’re more consistent.

The forums create a record, an archive that we can search, so that whenever we want to go back to problems, or find help with a problem, or see what’s been going on for a certain amount of time, we can do it. There’s a documentary trail, and while this sometimes leads to awkward looks at TV shows and game previews, other times it’s a huge help with technical issues or parts of the game you’re stuck on.

Video game publishers and studios, I implore you, if you really need to find a way to bring your communities and their legacy to a new platform or service, please find (or create!) one better suited to the task.

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