Garden Path is a cozy real-time gardening game designed for short sessions

We’ve been in awe of The Garden Path since we heard about her in August 2021 and spoke to her solo developer and illustrator Louis Durrant later that month about her inspiration and music.

We now have a release window: Spring 2023, just in time for the winter frosts to fade and give way to daffodils and snowdrops. Isn’t it wonderful?

The garden path was financed entirely by Kickstarterwhere Durrant dumped regular updates about the development of the game.

The game will include real-time gardening progress that continues when you’re not playing the game, a cast of weird and wonderful characters, a fishing mini-game (of course) and even local multiplayer so you can sit down with friends.

Will you be picking up The Garden Path next spring? Tell us in the comments below!

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