GamesMaster: Episode 2 Praises OLED Switch

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Last week we talked about the debut episode of the new season of UK gamesMaster, and today the second episode is out.

It’s full of good stuff again, including a unique challenge in which the winner of the Golden Joystick in the original run of the 1990 show returns to claim a second trophy in a brutally difficult Cuphead – but of particular note is this week’s review segment, which focuses on the newly launched Switch OLED model and Metroid dread, the game launched with it.

Principal Presenter Robert “Slave” Florence praises the revamped system, highlighting its impressive screen, improved build quality and improved sound. He admits that there was demand for a more powerful console, but concludes that he thought the Switch was already pretty decent and that the OLED model represents “the best version of what I think is the best gaming console on the market. market today ”. …

While the Switch certainly doesn’t need any help when it comes to massive attention and commercial momentum, it’s good to see a show like GamesMaster really praise the hybrid system. Perhaps the positive outcome will drive a few more people to update this Christmas – or better yet, buy their very first Switch console.

You can watch the full episode below – the Switch OLED review starts at around 32:20.

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