Gamer Chair Sorry for the Bad Tweets, Promises to Do Better

One of Vertagear’s RGB chairs sits menly in front of a desk.

Screenshot: Vertagear / Kotaku

Vertagear, a self-proclaimed “top gamer chair brand trusted by many sports teams,” is now under fire from everyone else for trying to turn a sexist joke into an edgy meme.

Last Sunday evening, the chair company posted a side-by-side mock-up comparison of male streamers vs female streamers. In type food, it is barely visible, while in women’s food the ratios are reversed. “Is that accurate?” Vertagear tweeted with three funny emojis crying for a good measure.

By the time most people saw it, however, the tweet was not already uploaded. “You’ve deleted it, but you can’t pretend not to tweet Vertagear,” he wrote MissHenley Facebook Streamer. “I owe the women of the industry a big excuse.”

This morning, the chair company tried to pay off that debt with one of the longest note-taking apps I’ve found in recent memory. “Discrimination and prejudice are the opposite of what we want to create, and they completely undermine the values ​​we stand for.” it is read in part. “Unfortunately, we have been slow to see the mistakes made and we have hurt many people with a recent Tweet we made. We take full responsibility for the pain it has caused to members of our community. We will do the right things and we will set ourselves as a better example for others. ”

Vertagear went on to write that it has implemented new measures and created a “more defined guideline” to try to prevent pedaling misogyny in the future.

But as a Twitch partner LowcoTV pointed out, this was far from it a deal once for the gamer brand. Screenshots of four stepstweets, including three from 2021, showed Vertagear engaging in other toxic stereotypes, apparently in a game to look cool at the kind of people who regularly make Twitch chats a well.

Meanwhile, some people are calling on game influencers not to display any Vertagear chairs in their streams and for sporting events not to use their chairs as prizes at events. And for every other aspiring gamer brand out there, a simple reminder: You don’t have to tweet sexist shit, or anything at all for that matter.


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