Game Pass includes PC games – PC Builder series: Minecraft

To kick off the Game Pass Has PC Games – PC Builder series in the new year, we’re back with Austin Evans, UrAvgConsumer and TinyMakesThings for another entry featuring mine craft. Since November last year mine craft was available with PC Game Pass, and for the first time we were able to access both the Java and Bedrock versions. We are still in shock from this important announcement, so we had to dedicate an episode to this iconic game.

To celebrate that we can play both versions mine craft With PC Game Pass, we wanted to do something special for the talented mine craft content creator GeminiTay. Austin and Tiny teamed up to create Mine craft-themed PC and a set of fun keycaps.

To completely dazzle GeminiTay, Austin decided to build a computer that resembled one of her favorites. mine craft blocks. To do this, Austin and his team had to figure out how to fit all the components into the box form factor. Despite this ordeal, he did a great job, and the result is amazing. blocked PC suitable for mine craft fan.

Game Pass includes PC games - PC Builder series: Minecraft

Tiny keycaps were inspired by the popular mine craft mobs, Pig and Creeper. To go even further, Tiny broke her 3D printer and made lids that looked like mine craft Ore block. The result of Tiny and Austin’s efforts was a worthwhile discovery that surprised and delighted GeminiTay.

Visit YouTube GeminiTay to see her unboxing video. Also keep an eye on her. twitch so don’t miss her upcoming charity broadcast where she will play mine craft on your brand new PC.

Game Pass has a PC

For support mine craft Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational on January 28th takes UrAvgConsumer to the next level mine craft– A PC themed build that will be given to the player whose clip is voted Game Pass Has PC Games Craftiest Moment. Whoever gets his build will be really lucky, because the PC he built turned out just incredible. Watch UrAvgConsumer build his rig in his YouTube video and make sure you join Game Pass has an invitation center for PC games on Boom TVso you never miss an event.

Game Pass includes PC games - PC Builder series: Minecraft

After we saw how tricky our builders turned out to be, it’s time to play. mine craft myself. Enjoy both editions mine craft with a PC Game Pass. Join now to get your first month for $1. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for the latest updates on games you can discover next. See you soon!

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