Gallant Game Director Throwing Mantle to Work on a New Project at Riot

Joe Ziegler of Riot Games is bidding farewell to his role as Game Director of Valorant to work on something new in the studio.

This news came through Ziegler’s new post on the official Riot websitein which he discusses his last eight years there. He reveals that Valorant, officially released last year, is something he worked on for eight years as game director, and now it’s time for him to move on.

“Today I come to you with the news with a heart full of gratitude and deep excitement,” writes Ziegler. “After eight years of working on Valorant, building it from the ground up with a team of dedicated and passionate developers who have worked tirelessly to serve you all with the respect and admiration you deserve, I am giving up the mantle of Game Director Valorant Takshuter to my good friend. Andy Ho [senior director of game direction at Riot]… ”

Ziegler said Ho is someone who has invested many years in Valorant and that his dedication to tactical shooter sets high standards of inspiration for game developers. Ziegler also said that he is confident that Ho’s time as new director will see Valorant grow and evolve from year to year, “to be even better than I could have imagined.”

As for Ziegler, he will remain at Riot, but will “start something new (* wink, secrets …) in the hope that we can even scratch the surface of the amazing influence that Valorant has already had.” That could mean any number of things – he’s probably working on a game for Riot in a popular genre that the studio hasn’t touched yet, much like Valorant’s success in the tactical shooter genre dominated by the likes of Counter-Strike. : Global offensive. Perhaps this means that he is working on a new game, which takes place in the same universe as Valorant. Only time will tell.

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