G-Fuel Gets Conker’s Bad Fur Day Flavor Called Mighty Poo

Conker is holding a container of G Fuel Mighty Poo Energy formula.

Just to energize for a new game.
Image: Microsoft/G Fuel/Kotaku

In the 20 years since Microsoft acquired Rare in 2002, the studio has released only one real game in the world. Conker series, 2005 remake Conker’s Bad Fur Day called Conker: Live and Reloaded on the original Xbox. I don’t know how well a foul-mouthed squirrel going through a series of movie homages and raw, violent humor will play in 2022, but that didn’t stop me from remembering how I was in that original game when I was a young, impressionable pre-teen. .

Because I had such fond (probably rosy) memories of these games, it annoys me that Microsoft bought Rare and basically steered clear of many of the studio’s legacy games, but was willing to use them in noncommittal ways, such as ditching 2016’s Hololens. an experience Young Conker and put the character in Project Iskra. Well, Microsoft and Rare have once again presented Conker as the face of something that is not a new game, but collaboration with G Fuel to create the Mighty Poo energy formula.

God, where would you even start with this? For those not in the know, Great Mighty Poo was the boss character in Conker’s Bad Fur Day it was a reasonable mountain of shit. Just a big boy defecation. Not only did you have to fight real live poop, they sang. He had a great singing voice provided by Chris Marlow who is still in the studio today. But it looks like G Fuel is using its name for this collaboration, and who among us doesn’t want to think about sentient feces while we make our energy drinks?

G Fuel sells it through $60 box set, which includes both the Mighty Poo formula and Youtooz’s title poo vinyl figure, which I’m sure would be fun to explain at parties. However, the only option you have at the moment is to join the waiting list before pre-orders are available. The box set will go on sale next April.

The rendering of the Great Mighty Poo vinyl statue shows a high note.

“I’m the Great Mighty Poo and I’m going to throw my shit at you!”
Image: G Fuel/Youtooz

While Microsoft keeps adding Conker to things that aren’t new video games, I think we can all play them. Conker: Live and Reload as a backwards compatible xbox gameor play the original Conker’s Bad Fur Day as part Rare repeat collection.

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