Friend of Intellivision is shaping up to be the Non-Nintendo System the Most ‘Nintendo’ Ever


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You’ll be forgiven for missing out on all the other E3 presentations, but the video event focused on Intellivision’s Friend was pretty interesting, because it gave us a look at what it’s shaped to be a surprisingly similar gaming console to Nintendo (something that might not have been a surprise, given that a trio of former Nintendo executives are involved).

While the Friend isn’t sure to challenge the likes of PS5 and Xbox Series X (and industry veteran Tommy Tallarico, who hosts this video, is pretty honest about it), it’s a console that seems to have a very much of ideas similar to Nintendo.

Take the controls, for example; not only do they welcome a touchscreen and offer Wii-style motion controls, they also allow you to carry access to your entire game collection around with you – so if you visit a friend’s house you can plug your controller into their system Basic friend and play all your games, too.

Then there’s the fact that Amico’s controllers have their own display, which allows for asymmetric multiplayer, like Wii U – the difference here each the player has its own screen, rather than being limited to a single person. An example of how this can be used is shown in the video above, where the player in the last post is given special tips on their controller screen to help with the odds as well. You can also connect smartphones to the console and get more than two people, if you want, as Tallarico points out, Friend’s Focus is local multiplayer, and recreate the thrill of getting a room of people involved, rather than play with some stranger thousands of miles away.



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