Freedom Planet 2 releases September 13, 2022

Image: GalaxyTrail

We have a small update. planet freedom 2! According to the developer GalaxyTrail, the game finally has a release date.

The PC (Steam) version has been cut from “Spring 2022” to September 13 this year, and the current goal is to launch it on “several” other platforms along with this release. These other platforms have not yet been disclosed and apparently still need “more time” to get tested and certified.

An update will be provided as soon as there is new information to share. Here’s the message in full (via Twitter):

“Finally, after years of hard work, the finish line is in sight! We are happy to announce that Freedom Planet 2 will be officially released on Tuesday, September 13 this year!

We previously stated that we would have a spring release date, however we had to reschedule this due to several unforeseen circumstances. We aim to launch simultaneously on multiple platforms alongside the PC version, and these additional ports will take longer to test and certify than we expected. We cannot be more specific at this time, but will let you know as soon as we have more information. In addition, our lead developer unfortunately suffered a hand injury last week, so this release date will provide additional time for physical therapy while other team members take care of her duties.

We once again thank all our fans for their patience and wish Sabrina a speedy recovery! Now that the base game is complete, expect more frequent updates from us as September approaches. We’re almost there!! – Team GalaxyTrail”

So, that’s it – we have a release date for Freedom Planet 2. Fingers crossed, the release of the Nintendo Switch is part of the plans, as we rather liked the original release.

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