Fortnite Island Prepares for the wrath of the Cuba Queen

In the midst of all the ghosts and horrors of Fortnitemares, a terrifying surprise has arrived on the Island Fortnite: the arrival of the Queen of Cubes!

The full scope of her vision of cubic domination remains to be seen, but we’ll do our best to prepare you for what to expect in The wrath of the Queen of Cubes!

New forces arrived in the cube

You are already an expert in dealing with cubic monsters, but with the Queen, a new, even more powerful type has appeared. These cubes are called Overseers.These are tall, ghostly creatures that will drag you to The Sideways and fight you in a difficult battle. The Rangers are the most powerful warriors, but leaving the battle with one of them will give a good reward.

There is now a new reason to go bravely through The Sideways; The side weapon has carved its way into battle – the Side scythe. More evil weapons have returned to the Island; try to get your hands on witch brooms and pumpkin rocket launcher.

I hope you are addicted to sweets, because Candy will be back as well – this time with the new Zero Point Pretzel.

The Rush Horde returns

Cubes are trying to push their way from the Side into our kingdom! The only way to prevent this is Horde Rush! That’s right, LTM Horde Rush is back! Fight monsters with your teammates and earn more points by finding point multipliers, performing combos and destroying as many monsters as possible. Survive in different locations on the map and defeat the final boss to claim your hard-earned victory.

Fortnite - Wrath of the Cuba Queen

LTM Horde Rush will run until the end of Fortnitemares (until Nov 1, 10:00 AM ET). The return of Horde Rush will also lead to the appearance of the Horde Rush Quest. Completing the quest will grant you these special rewards: Backbling Thinking Juice, Cube Queen Banner, and Cuddle Scream Leader Spray.

Be sure to practice at Horde Rush, as there will be a Horde Rush tournament where you can win cosmetics! More detailed information about this will be available on the “Compete” tab.

Fortnite - Wrath of the Cuba Queen

Ariana Grande returns and new quests appear

Horde Rush quests aren’t the only ones featured in The Wrath of the Cube Queen! Hallowhead will bring you the Fortnitemares punch card from now on. Here are all the quests available and the rewards for completing them.

  1. Complete the Fortnitemares Common Quest to unlock Spray Raven’s Curse Spray, Midnight Showdown Loading Screen, and Wrathful Breakout Contrail.
  1. Ariana Grande returned to the island, but now in new equipment, ready to destroy monsters. Astronaut Ariana Grande, the galaxy’s greatest monster hunter, invites you to join her hunt. Complete her Monster Hunter questline to unlock the new All Weather Extractor Pickaxe (Dark Style)! There’s also a special bonus for Fortnite Crew members. Completing the Monster Hunt questline will provide the Brite Style crew members with an all-weather pickaxe along with a variant of it.
  1. Help Dark Jonesy find a powerful artifact that can restore his eyesight in the Oracle questline. Completing the Oracle questline will unlock the Cube Cruiser Glider, an expanded cube that you can fly on!

Hallowheads Punchard won’t be the only Punchard performing at 9am ET, though …

With the help of content specialist Ghostbusters Punchard, deploy seismographs, destroy mini-poufs and more to unlock ghost-free trinkets inspired by the upcoming Ghostbusters: Life After Death!

Complete these exciting quests and earn rewards while you can, as they run until November 1st!

The wrath of the Queen of Cubes has changed the Island, but this cubic chaos can certainly do a lot of good. Sit on the Island now and feel the wrath on yourself!

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