Fortnite and Epic raised $70 million for Ukraine in a week

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fortnite continues to provide immediate assistance to Ukraine worth millions of dollars. The latest update from Epic is a big one: as of March 25, the company has raised over $70 million to help charities and groups supporting Ukrainians during the ongoing and horrific Russian invasion of the country.

In a blog post first published March 20 on the official Epic News page. and after the update on March 25, the company explained that the players helped raise over $70 million, which will go to support the people in Ukraine during the war. This is part of Epic’s ongoing plans to donate the proceeds of all “real money” purchases made in fortnite from March 20 to April 3.

Epic has already raised over $35 million. help Ukraine in just one day with the help of Fortnite. It should be noted that Xbox also donates all proceeds generated by the Xbox version. fortnite also for the next two weeks.

Interestingly, Epic also announced in their original March 20 blog post that they would not wait for the funds to be cleared before donating the money raised. Instead, Epic will send funds to charities just a few days after the “transaction report.” He explained that he does this because waiting for “actual funds from our platform and payment partners” can take a long time. So he uses his own money and resources to speed up the process.

According to Epic, all funds raised will then be donated to a number of charities, including Direct Relief, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the World Food Programme.

Meanwhile, on March 25, news from Humble Bundle, which by itself, separate package of charity game Ukraine raised over $20 million. This is in line with the earlier package that raised over $6 million..

This money is badly needed by the people living in Ukraine who are dealing with the ongoing and deadly Russian invasion. The war has already thousands of dead and wounded. This also made over 3 million people fled the countrycreating a large and growing refugee crisis.

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