Former President of Sega and Koei Tecmo appointed as SNK’s new CEO


SNK Corporation – known for series like King of fighters, Deadly Rage Neo Geo has appointed Kenji Matsubara as its new CEO. Matsubara was previously president of Koei Tecmo and spent several years at Zynga in Japan before moving to Sega as CTO, COO and President.

In an official press release, the SNK mentioned that under Kenji’s leadership, there will be a “new phase of growth and development”:

“We warmly welcome Mr. Matsubara, who has a wealth of business experience and experience in leading the gaming industry. He has brought tangible success to prestigious companies through his extensive experience in the development, marketing and sales of gaming software both in Japan and overseas. We will strive to further grow and increase corporate value under his leadership. With the appointment of Kenji, we promise that SNK is preparing for a new phase of growth and development. “

Kenji Matsubara
Kenji Matsubara (Image: SNK)

You can see Matsubara’s entire career on the SNK website. Official website


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