Forgotten Game Boy Gem ‘Avenging Spirit’ Gets One-Time Physical Release

retro beatretro game retailer and publisher, unveiled its very first Game Boy release for the classic Game Boy arcade spirit Avenging Spirit.

Few may have heard of this forgotten classic, but it’s definitely worth digging up. Released in the game Boy in 1992 and then ported to the 3DS Virtual Console, despite the adorable ghost on the cover, you really can’t stay as a ghost for too long, and must own various people in order to survive – all to find your girlfriend!

Of course, a spooky game needs a spooky limited edition, and what could be better than a glow-in-the-dark cartridge!

Image: Retro beat

Okay, this is too cute – how can a game that looks so cute be what dark?

Not only is this a beautiful, unique limited edition, but the cartridge also contains missing scenes from the final game and an expert mode hint screen for the first time outside of Japan!

This physical release will cost $44.99/€49.99 and you can find out where to pick it up in North America and Europe at this page right here. The pre-order period is now open and will run until July 3rd, so you have a little time to get your hands on this spooky little game. In our review of the game back in 2011, we called it “addictive and delightfully dark”, and you can read our thoughts below:

Have you ever played Avenging Spirit? Will you take this cartridge? Let us know!

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