Fools in NBA 2K23 are worth more than real ones for some reason

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Even bro Steven Adams is shocked.
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If you have played any of NBA 2K games, chances are you’re no stranger to how microtransactions serve as a quick clean-up of fresh J from your enjoyment of the game. While many would like to see microtransactions stop, as Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors did after suffering from the full force of Draymond Green’s superman punch– they are still in full force in NBA 2K23a game that doesn’t understand how much durags actually cost in real life.

The durag’s crime against humanity in the last issue was the first. Noticed by Reddit user JimiForRealwho hosted images on r/NBA2k comparing NBA 2K23the price of a virtual durag compared to the price of a real durag on Amazon. Before we drop by, let’s have some fun. How much virtual currency do you think NBA 2K23 asks you to fork out for durag? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with “15,000 VC”. Oh shit, I just gave the answer. Womp womp.

Kotaku reached out to 2K for comment.

If you were to look up how much durag would cost at Sally Beauty, you’d find that they start at around $2.79, depending on whether or not you want your luscious curls to be “forced by the wave”; if you do, it will cost $6.59. If only this durag is not secretly deluxe Akatsuki cloud duragwhich costs $8.99 on Amazon, NBA 2K23 players pay too much.

If you bought the next generation NBA 2K23 Legendary Edition for $99, you probably won’t brag about the game by demanding 15,000 for an imaginary durag since your version of the game had 100,000 VC. However, if you have bought any other version, you will either have to grind VC or pay for it in IRL currency, which, according to Dot eSportsexpenses:

  • 5000 venture capital – $1.99
  • 15,000 venture capital – $4.99
  • 35,000 venture capital – $9.99
  • 75,000 venture capital – $19.99
  • 200,000 VC – $49.99
  • 450,000 VC – $99.99

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Although it can be argued that the rather high price of durag in NBA 2K23 not so outrageous considering most NBA players are millionaires, fools aren’t the only thing players criticize the price gouging game for. redditor GoatJamez uploaded a screenshot showing that Finders Keepers, the game’s thrift store variant for lack of a better term, also caters to people’s wallets for 7,500 venture capital in exchange for a plain shirt that says “You heard it here first time.”

“7500 for that is outrageous. At this point, 2K is laughing in our faces.” one redditor replied.

NBA 2K23 released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. As our senior writer Luke Plunkett points out in its annual NBA 2K reviewseverything that can seem enjoyable about the game, especially its MyCareer mode, still boils down to sucky gaming due to 2K microtransactions, which makes its playthroughs “misery”.

“If a 2k were free for their online mode and all the crap you had to pay vc for was purely cosmetic (model like Fortnite for example), then it would suit me completely, ” posted by another redditor in r/NBA2k23. “But not only do they make player progress IMPOSSIBLY slow without buying venture capital, they charge over $70 a year for this game.”

For many players, the only solution to this problem is to grab their chin and beat the game to unlock the cursed durag, a piece of clothing whose raison d’être is to keep people’s hair composure while they’re sleeping, or otherwise try to be overdressed while they’re asleep. go about their business. It’s hard not to sympathize with players who have to deal with 2K’s in-game greed on top of the game’s notoriously slow pace of development and its original $70 asking price. Good God.

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