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Saints Row is a game full of incredible moments in a wild crime sandbox. Co-op play is a big part of how we amplify this experience for players and allow them to experiment with all the different ways you can create havoc in the city of Santo Ileso. Here are my top 5 Saints Row co-op moments:

Incredible shootouts with a buddy

Saints Row is a game where players can explore a wide range of weapons and abilities. There’s no better time to experiment with the wild side of Saints Row than playing with a friend. Suppressive fire with your assault rifle while your friend hurls Thrustbuster at several unsuspecting enemies and sends them flying.

Ridiculous creations of players in semi-serious situations

Customization has long been a part of Saints Row, and one of the reasons is the co-op experience. There is nothing better than seeing your buddy’s absurd creation appear in the middle of a serious conversation with an NPC. If you are like me, you will immediately try to surpass them by creating something even more outlandish.

Crash a mansion party in a wingsuit

There is a moment during the campaign when, after rescuing one of your friends from captivity, you and your co-op mate crash a wingsuit party. This is the moment when you both soar above the skyline of Santo Ileso and look into the chaotic party taking place in the mansion in the hills.


In Saints Row, we’ve added a new feature that allows players to prank each other during the game. Once you accumulate your draw meter by completing tasks, you can cash it out and turn your opposite game into mailboxes, toilets, trash cans and the like. We’ve gone ahead and fully equipped these new uniforms so you can see these new characters in game and cutscenes.

You can go further with a friend

Joint play allows players to share roles in solving game situations. One example is the attempted hijacking of an armored truck with a long magnet tied to a helicopter. It’s hard to line up the tether on the truck when it’s being swamped by enemies – that’s where one player can help tank those enemies for you and give you a better chance to complete the action. As the difficulty of the game increases, it can sometimes be easier to call a friend for help.

When the game releases on August 23, we will show you much more. We can’t wait for you and your friends to play the biggest and best Saints Row game ever!

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