Fitness Boxing 2 has a new trainer and he’s kind of dreamy

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise continues to be an amazing way to meet new big guys because the last trainer to be added to the game (just in time for the post-Christmas guilt mode) is a Guy who looks like a boy band with floppy hair. who have gone through hard times.

Guy is not just a pretty face to help you in boxing: he is a former professional boxer who became an instructor after a career-ending injury. And he is only 27! So right.

Some of his vocal lines include, “You won’t be sorry for me,” and the laconic “So do you like this style?” when you dress him in outfits that seem to make you work harder so as not to disappoint him. We see what you are doing there, Imagineer.

In fact, Guy was announced and added to the game in early November as a free update, so you may have already seen him in-game. Or, if you’re like us, you haven’t touched exercise games since … April. Sorry Guy.

Of course, Japan is about to see a real Fitness Boxing anime, so it’s worth getting to know the cast again … so get back on that fitness horse! The guy is waiting.

Which anime character do you think Guy looks like the most? Our money goes to Rin Matsuoka from Is free!… Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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