First review of Kirby and The Forgotten Land released

Image: Nintendo

Following on from the incredibly enticing demo of Kirby and the Forgotten Land (which is out now, by the way), Edge magazine has published its first review of the full game, and it looks pretty positive!

The full review will be available in issue 370 of the magazine, but excerpts from the verdict have been added to ResetEra (thanks, VGK!) with the game getting an impressive 8/10.

While the publication emphasizes that “those who never understood Kirby’s appeal in 3D are unlikely to be convinced by his move to 3D”, it nonetheless praises the game, stating that it could very well be the perfect taste purifier after a dark, violent world. ancient ring.

It goes on to say that “the compact, imaginative adventure is a discreet triumph, a work of great skill and wit that, unlike its lead, doesn’t bite off more than it can chew, and it only leaves you hungry for more.” “

We love the way it sounds. Stay tuned for our own reviews of Kirby’s next game coming soon. Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you’re excited about the game, and check out our in-depth scientific analysis of Kirby’s hostility to the literal tree.

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