Fire Emblem Engage Story DLC Fell Xenologue Coming April

The fourth wave of the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass will land on April 4th or April 5th in Europe. And for Fire Emblem fans, this is probably the most exciting addition as it brings brand new story content.

In an ominous trailer that starts with “your grave”, Fell Xenologue will add more story content to the main game, which is separate from the chapter structure, and introduce brand new characters Ned and Neil. The couple says there are seven “Emblem Bracelets” and four are missing, which means that some characters may very well return to the fight.

In the fourth wave, along with story content, more maps, locations, and new types of classes will be added. So it’s an intense update, but you’ll need an Expansion Pass to access it.

Wave 3 just launched last month, which means we’ve got four brand new DLCs since Engage launched in January – wow!

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