Fire Emblem Engage Characters – All New and Returning Heroes Revealed

Fire Emblem Engage set to enable January 23, 2023, taking the series to the new world of the Elyos. As we’ve come to expect from the franchise, Engage will introduce us to a new team of heroes, but as Nintendo has confirmed, there will also be cameos from several recognizable faces from past games.

Summoned with magical rings, these old heroes – “Emblems” – can be called into battle to bolster your power or use their abilities along with your own.

From trailers and promotional material to character profiles posted on Twitter, we’ve already been able to see some of these heroes in action. Below we have compiled a list of all the confirmed characters that will appear in Fire Emblem Engage, as well as all the information about the benefits they can give you in combat.

Read on to start preparing your final lineup!

Fire Emblem Recruit new characters

Many of the following characters have been tweeted out through the game’s official account. @FireEmblemJP. We would like to thank @SerenesForest for providing translations of each character update.


Image: Nintendo

Alear is the main protagonist of the Fire Emblem Engage. First revealed at September’s Nintendo Direct Showcase 2022, the hero has been sleeping for 1,000 years since the Fallen Dragon War and is waking up again to prevent his resurrection.

The character will be playable in two different player-defined forms, each with the colorful VTuber-inspired hair that caused quite a stir after the Direct.


Fire Emblem Engage Vander
Image: Nintendo

The first officially introduced character was Wander, an axe-wielding knight who rides around the battlefield on horseback.

To get an idea of ​​what Wander looks like in combat, check out @FireEmblemJP’s video below:


Fire Emblem Engage Cramme
Image: Nintendo

Although Kramme has been confirmed as a character in the game, his name has yet to be determined. It was one of only two characters introduced in a row and the oldest of the twins to first appear on the show.

Kremm’s starting type is Mage, which makes him good for ranged attacks and hitting heavily armored enemies.

A glimpse of the character’s magic attacks can be seen in the battle video below:


Fire Emblem Engage Frameme
Image: Nintendo

The twin sister of Kramme, Framme’s starting class is a monk, making her useful for healing allies during battle.


Fire Emblem Engage Alfred
Image: Nintendo

Like Wander, Alfred is a new Fire Emblem Engage character who travels the battlefield on horseback.

The character’s starting class is Noble, and he wields a spear in combat, as seen in the following in-game footage:


Fire Emblem Engage Celine
Image: Nintendo

Celine is Alfred’s younger sister and possesses the same Noble starting class.

In contrast to the introduction of the character Alfred, which focused on his spear abilities and agility in combat, Celine’s profile highlights her ability to use both magics. as well as swords for ranged or close combat.

Both of these abilities are showcased in her battle video below:


Fire Emblem Engage Louis
Image: Nintendo

Louie’s starting class is Heavy Spear Armor, giving him high defensive stats and a powerful melee strike.

As seen in the following battle video, Louis’s defense is strong against standard attacks, although the character still takes damage from magic.


Fire Emblem Engage Chloé
Image: Nintendo

Although Chloe hasn’t received a full character profile yet, she does appear in the Fire Emblem Engage trailer and even gets a very brief snippet of their battle cutscene.

It appears that Chloe is another character on horseback appearing in the trailer as the Pegasus Knight. The only other detail we can confirm about the character at the moment is that their main weapon is a thin spear that deals a lot of damage.


Fire Emblem Engage Etie
Image: Nintendo

Eti is another hero we have yet to get an official character profile for. However, we know about their appearance in the game thanks to a short fragment of their combat animation that appeared in the trailer.

Judging by the fragment of the frame that we see, Eti seems to belong to the archer class, she shoots arrows at flying enemies.

Fire Emblem Recruit returning characters (emblems)


fire emblem
Image: Nintendo

Long a frontman for the Fire Emblem series, March was the first of the returning Emblem characters to be introduced.

The hero first appeared in the first installment of the franchise and has been a mainstay of gaming ever since, appearing in one form or another (whether as a playable character or via DLC/amiibo) in many games.

In Fire Emblem Engage, Marta can be equipped with an emblem ring, which will grant the user some of the character’s sword-wielding abilities and increase the chance of dodging enemy attacks.

A video of the appearance of Marth’s Emblem can be found below:


Fire Emblem Engage Celica
Image: Nintendo

Celica is the second returning hero confirmed for Fire Emblem Engage, after previously appearing in Fire Emblem Gaiden and her 3DS remake of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Using the ring with the Celica emblem in the process will boost that character’s magical stats, as shown in the following battle video:


Fire Emblem Engage Sigurd
Image: Nintendo

Even though Sigurd makes frequent appearances in the trailer, he has yet to receive an official character profile via Fire Emblem’s Twitter.

First appearing in Fire Emblem: Geneology of the Holy War, the exact benefits Sigurd’s Emblem form will bring to the user are currently unknown, although it is clear from the selection screen we saw in the trailer (screenshot above) that the returning hero is using Ridersbane weapons and gives bonuses to the user’s riding abilities.

Taunting Emblems

Fire Emblem Engagement Map
Image: Nintendo

The Fire Emblem Engage trailer shows a tapestry map of the Elyos, around which you can find images of a number of heroes from previous games. Considering the fact that we are aware of the role these previous characters will play in Engage and that the confirmed heroes (Marth, Celica and Sigurd) appear in the circle, we assume that this ring of 12 characters will be all the heroes who are set to return .

Looking at the image above, Serens Forest Blog Post identified each of the characters shown in the outer circle, starting with the three Emblems confirmed, and then (moving clockwise) including Leif, Roy, Lin, Eirika, Ike, Mikaya, Lucina, Corrin, and Byleth, representing all previous eras of the franchise. .

If so, then we can expect additional character profiles to appear in the next few months.

At the time of writing, that’s all the characters we know (or we’re pretty sure) will come to us. Fire Emblem. We will continue to update this guide as new hero profiles become available in the coming months.

What character do you like to play the most? Let us know your dream lineup in the comments below!

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