Find your next hunting adventure at the Mississippi Acres Wildlife Sanctuary today in theHunter: Call of the Wild

A new hunting reserve opens. Hunter: Call of the Wild! Mississippi Acres Wildlife Sanctuary takes players to the shores and estuaries of the vast, winding Mississippi River and is available for purchase on Xbox One and the Windows Store today.

With diverse biomes and beautiful natural features, Mississippi Acres Wildlife Sanctuary It is home to some of the finest hunting grounds in the American South. Many come here to experience the thrill of river hunting, while others come to explore the stunning surroundings that make this place so special.

Why not start your day with a morning hike along the winding river, past old fishing houses and the famous cypress trees. In the afternoon, relax at one of the reserve’s many outposts and map out today’s hunt. Wherever you decide to go, Mississippi Acres Wildlife Sanctuary full of exceptional hunting opportunities and outdoor adventures.

As far as the game is concerned, nine different species of animals live here. Mississippi Acres Wildlife Sanctuary… Here hunters will find the gray fox elegantly crossing the forest floor, and the timid Northern bobwhite quail and Eastern wild turkey hiding in the dense thickets. Wait patiently and you will likely spot an oriental cotton bunny zipping through the underbrush, moving swiftly to avoid the wild pigs, black bears and white-tailed deer that are nearby.

The indomitable American alligator hides in dark depths near rivers or fresh water. This is not only the first reptile in history. Hunter: Call of the Wild is also the first species to travel both water and land! Weighing up to 506 kg (1,115 lb), it will challenge even the most experienced hunter. Are you ready to face this prehistoric summit predator?


In more urban areas, hunters may see the common raccoon diving into and out of trash cans. These little bandits may be cute, but they are true masters of destruction and will require some serious firepower to fight them. Can you handle it?


Talking about firepower, Mississippi Acres Wildlife Sanctuaryalso includes a new versatile bolt action rifle that players can hunt with. Chambered in the .22 Hornet and available in three distinct variations – Hornet, Wasp and Yellowjacket – the Kullman .22H is the ideal tool for hunting small game. With its lightweight yet durable body, it is the ideal weapon to strap on your back and carry around on long hunting trips.

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Mississippi Acres Wildlife Sanctuary is available today on Xbox One and the Windows Store for $ 7.99 / € 7.99. For the latest information on Hunter: Call of the Wild, be sure to follow @theHunterCOTW on Twitter.

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USD 7.99

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Dubbed the Magnolia State, a tribute to the beautiful magnolia trees that grow in the region, the Mississippi Acres Game Reserve has a special place in the hearts of hunters. Not only because of the stunning scenery, where characteristic wetlands and cliffs meet pine forests and muddy rivers, but also because of the characteristic wildlife. Wherever you decide to go, experience exceptional hunting and nature adventures at the Mississippi Akers Wildlife Sanctuary. DELTA HUNT Pursue the Gray Fox as it gracefully traverses the forest floor, or unleash shy Northern Bobuite Quails and East Wild Indians from hiding places. Catch the nimble Oriental Cotton Bunny as it sneaks through the undergrowth, moving swiftly to avoid the nearby wild pigs, black bears and white-tailed deer. In artificial areas, don’t be surprised to see a common raccoon raiding trash cans and causing havoc. These little bandits are no joke. But most importantly, never lose your vigilance near rivers or fresh water – the patient American alligator lurks in the dark depths, waiting for the perfect moment to ambush its prey. KULLMAN .22H This classic bolt action rifle is the ideal tool for hunting small game. Chambered in the .22H and available in three different flavors, it is reliable and strong enough to keep small predators out of your property and livestock. With its lightweight yet durable body, the Kullman .22H is the perfect shotgun to carry around on long hunts. BLOW AT NIGHT The Mississippi Akres Wildlife Sanctuary was devastated by the worst flooding in a decade, flooding entire communities and forcing residents to flee their homes. Members of two local rival hunting clubs decided to form an uneasy alliance in an effort to help the community get back on its feet. However, things are not as they seem, and when the warden of Immy Davis finds himself in the midst of a sinister conspiracy, things quickly get worse. Can you help her reveal the truth? SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE Play Mississippi Acres Preserve without owning it, by joining someone who owns it. This will give you access to everything except the story missions.

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