Fight for the Future in Return of the Damned, Sea of ​​Thieves’ ninth adventure through November 17th


  • The fate of the Fiery Heart depends on you. Sea of ​​Thieves the latest limited-time adventure, live from November 3rd to 17th.
  • Players can choose sides and join the fight, aiming to summon Captain Flameheart back into the waves or seal him in the Sea of ​​the Damned.
  • Sea of ​​Thieves Available for free to all players with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, as well as Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11 and Steam.

The Time of Resurrection has come, and the infamous Skeleton Lord Captain Flameheart is about to return to the seas—until his faithful followers in the Reaper’s Bone can complete their long-awaited ritual! Elsewhere, the pirate lord’s allies have come up with a rival plan in an attempt to banish Flameheart for good, putting Captain Pendragon’s life on the line to do so.

Currently Sea of ​​Thieves players must decide whether to ally with Belle or Servant of the Flame, supporting their chosen side in the battle that spans the Sea of ​​Thieves. It is the pirates, not the prophecies, that will determine whether Fireheart or Pendragon wins when the dust settles and the other is sent into exile. Either way, the future of Sea of ​​Thieves hangs in the balance…

Battle for the forts

Both sides require the energy of dark relics to successfully carry out their rituals, in particular, enchanting dolls. These hotly contested items can be found in six sea forts scattered throughout the Sea of ​​Thieves and need to be delivered directly to Belle or a Servant of the Flame, depending on your loyalty. But there is a catch…

The adorable dolls draw their power from the sea forts they reside in, and their effectiveness is greatly increased when your chosen side is in command of the fort. there if necessary.

Handing over the Doll while all six Sea Forts are under your control is the most effective way to assist in the ritual, while leaving the Forts unclaimed will reduce the effectiveness of the relic. Beacons above each fort will indicate which side, if any, is currently holding them.

Forts actively held by the enemy will limit the power of the puppets, so crews will need to think carefully about their actions – is it better to attack and capture another fort, defend the ones you already control, or dash to turn in your Magic Puppets? The choice is yours.

everything is dressed up

Crews will need to go on an adventure to obtain a new flag from their chosen side and capture a sea fort, but existing flags can be taken down by any passing pirate, allowing crews to sabotage their opponents’ efforts at any time while the adventure is running. .

Similarly, players can scour the sea forts looking for magic dolls (or try to steal them from other unwary players) at any time, whether or not they’re actively pursuing adventures, so there’s plenty of room for shenanigans and sneaky tactics. And keep an eye out for the soulflame captains in the forts: if you find and defeat one of them, its remains can be used to enchant a magic doll, greatly increasing its value to Belle or the Servant of the Flame.

However you decide to approach this fateful battle, everyone will have the opportunity to influence the final outcome. To get an idea of ​​the forces at work and the circumstances that led to this tipping point, be sure to read our latest Adventure ahead article. Return of the Damned is in full swing, and upon completion, the results of this exciting community choice will be revealed in a special LIVE! The adventure itself ends on November 17th.

Sea of ​​Thieves - Return of the Damned

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For more information about the latest Sea of ​​Thieves update, including complete release notesvisit Sea of ​​Thieves Web site. This update is free for everyone Sea of ​​Thieves players who purchased the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11 PC, or through Steam, or players who access it through Xbox Game Pass. Just download and install the latest Sea of ​​Thieves update to get access.

New in Sea of ​​Thieves? Check out the latest free content updates on our What’s new page, see Who is who or get some game tips from our Pirate Academy, which provides invaluable information on topics ranging from sailing to fencing as you prepare for your first trip. Learn more about Sea of ​​Thieves hereor join the ongoing adventure on where you can embark on an epic journey with one of the most welcoming gaming communities!

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