FF6 pixel remaster will still include proper train suplexing

GIF: Square Enix / Kotaku

After showing the video on the weekend from Final Fantasy VItrain master No flipping upside down while being held by the muscular monk Sabin in the upcoming pixel remasterSquare Enix is now reassure the fans that the locomotive will be properly handled when the game releases on Steam and mobile devices on February 23rd.

“We are still hard at work polishing Final Fantasy VI the pixel remaster is coming out next week and we’ve seen some of your comments about the ghost train not flipping over during the meteor impact,” an official said. last fantasy — wrote an account on Twitter. “The video was taken from a pre-release version and will be adjusted for launch!”

Because of Final Fantasy VIenduring popularity, longtime fans of the 28-year-old role-playing game are keeping a close eye on the inconsistencies of the original Super Nintendo version. Please, forget high price of remasters and small textthis ghost train is absolutely needs to flip when Sabin releases Meteor Strike (known as Suplex in the original English translation). Otherwise, you can throw it all in the trash.

Final Fantasy VI there’s a lot going on with the unique story of a girl with magical powers traveling through a world that has long gone from arcane to industrial technology. However, the Phantom Train suplex remains one of the game’s most memorable moments due to the apparent absurdity of performing a steam-powered wrestling maneuver. And that speaks volumes when big evil is at play literally joked.

Train suplexing is actually so important that Final Fantasy VI speedrunners at the Games Done Quick marathons have historically performed an attack if spectators could reach a certain donation threshold, although this is much slower than simply throwing Phoenix Down at an undead locomotive and ending it. This is entertainment and dedication at the level animal rescue in Super Metroidclose ones.

All in all, last fantasy Fans seem mostly happy with Square Enix’s pixelated remaster of the first five games in the series. It goes without saying that the sixth installment will receive the same reception when it releases next week, especially now that the developers have cleared up that business with Phantom Train. Go fuck that jerk to your heart’s content.

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