Favorite squid game? Here’s what to see and play next

V Gantz 0, the game of death begins after its main characters have already left this world. Based manga and anime TV series, film follows Masaru Kato after he died from a knife attack in the subway. Masaru wakes up to find that he has revived along with other recently deceased people in a room with a black sphere called “Gantz”.

After the team donned tight futuristic suits, the ball announces that they have two hours to kill an army of alien monsters in Osaka and Tokyo. With every monster killed, they earn bonuses such as improved weapons, the ability to resurrect an ally, and the final prize: freedom from the game. If they fail, they will die forever. Be warned, this computer movie is not for the faint of heart. It contains graphic images of violence, roasting, sex, and nudity all over the place.

Gantz 0 available for viewing on Netflix

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